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Tottenham 4-2 Burnley - FA Cup Third Round | Goals & Highlights


Didn’t manage to catch the Spurs versus Burnley F.A. Cup third round replay, just the highlights and some of the talking points.

Looks like it suffered the same fate as the previous game, shown nowhere and left to just radio. Watching the highlights that the Beeb had on the red button it looks as if they’ve taken the commentary from the local radio rather than the 5Live Extra broadcast. I wonder why, especially when hearing the screeching woman doing the commentary. First priority when picking a commentator should be no screeching.

No not some misogynist rant at female broadcasters, just common decency for the listener. It also why that Jonathan Pearce berk should be removed from the airwaves. Though it seems all the female voices the BBC pick are screechers. Ninety minutes of that would have been torture.

The highlights being coming back from two down inside 8 minutes with goals from unlikely sources. The talking points being the Verts / Kaboul meltdown and Robbie, Robbie, Robbie…

Opener, one hump down the park and the defence is doing it’s Red Sea impersonation. The club captain can’t be long for this parish. Fazio and Jan seem to get along, Jan is a bit more of a moody bugger when he’s paired with Younes.

Soldado getting the blame for Burnley’s second as it deflected off him past the wrong footed Vorm. Funny when others do what Soldado did I don’t see them being blamed. Not a word if it had been Kane, or Bentaleb. Hell Rio Ferdinand has made a career out of it.

Spurs back in it after 10 minutes in a shocking development. Townsend with a cross, a decent cross. Soldado nodded it on and Paulinho chested it down and knocked it in. That was what we were promised with the Brazilian, the Brazilian Lampard. That is, does bugger all then appears in the box to get on the end of balls to score.

But he also followed it up with doing something during the main talking point, closing down and being fouled the ref played the advantage, Soldado picked up the ball and played it through to Townsend who again managed to put a good cross in. It was the type of service we’ve all been crying out for Soldado being on the end of rather than the provider of. And he fluffs it. Off the bar from six yards out.

Of course if Adebayor had done that they would have been praising him for his part in the build up and for being there. Hell how many wanted Defoe back this January when misses like that were his stock in trade.

Paulinho did play his part in the equaliser, bit of an air shot on Davies’ cross saw the ball roll back to Capoue who kapowed it into the net. Comeback by half-time.

Spurs ahead just after the break as Chiriches bundled in Paulinho’s corner after four minutes. Then seven minutes later comeback completed with the fourth, Stambouli’s excellent cross field ball to Soldado and he puts a perfect cross into the advancing Rose to make it four.

Paulinho, Capoue, Chiriches and Rose scoring, in the same game, Townsend providing, I don’t know what’s going off out there.

Just time for another falling out between Kaboul and one of his team mates, this time Vorm. And for the idiots to give Soldado 3/10 in the morning paper. Lays on two goals and from all accounts had a good game, with an all round contribution, miss a sitter and get 3. Will wait to see if missing sitters, which he has done this season, will affect Harry Kane’s regular runs of 7, 8 or 9.

Anyway a comeback win and off to the next round and Leicester.

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