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Spurs F.A. Cup run lasted a whole two rounds as they crashed out to Leicester City in the fourth round.

Well it wasn’t the biggest upset of the fourth round, Leicester being a top flight team, well for this season at least. And quite frankly in their last meeting Spurs were lucky to come away with a victory.

So after a lacklustre opening against Burnley followed by a comeback in the replay the next game against an old final opponent was going fine up until the final 7 minutes.

Not that I would know, again impossible to view the match and well impossible to listen to the radio broadcast these days as well. Far too annoying, not good for the old blood pressure listening to some wittering idiot who seems oblivious to the fact you can’t actually see what is happening on the pitch because that’s the last thing they’ll be talking about.

So all there is is TV highlights, which showed Vorm being lucky not give away a penalty and probably see a red card, after he’d made some good saves. Soldado doing well to win the penalty, Townsend putting another one away – have we found what he’s actually good at, football equivalent of the place kicker in the NFL. And then some old failings – otherwise known as playing Kaboul.

And then Vorm made up for his earlier bit of luck by helping gift the visitors the winner in added time. Though, there was a bit of spin on the ball from the shot. Usually Spurs are doing this to other teams this season, whereas for past seasons this would have been a standard.

Spurs had most of the ball, Leicester had most of the chances, they took two of them.

Apologies for Jermaine Jenas appearing in that video. He is in the new vanguard of worse than mediocre players who now pontificate as pundits on the telly and radio. Robbie Savage, Kevin Kilbane, Jenas, Clarke Carlisle, Trevor Sinclair etc etc.

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