It shouldn’t be this difficult but it is


Since the disappointment of the previous week Spurs have bounced back with two victories but made hard work of beating Swansea and now QPR when it should have been much easier.

Spurs were cruising against Swansea midweek, when they let in a late one which led to a nervy last few minutes when they had to rely on Hugo Lloris to again save the day with a great save. It was the same against the relegation fodder that is QPR, though this time it was Bentaleb’s save that saved the day.

It was that classic Spurs syndrome of sinking to the level of the opposition.

And it’s not like it happened just at the end of the game, no, right from the off the hosts could have scored. Lloris just tipping Zamora’s looping header over the bar.

When at the other end Green stopped Kane opening the scoring with a good save from the striker’s header, you just wondered if it was going to be one of those games. I mean Green making great saves and not throwing the ball into his own net.

That chance came from a Walker cross, again he was being talked up but again his defensive inabilities were being highlighted and when he gifted Austin with a chance from a stupid headed back pass, dear god. He had all the time in the world under no real pressure, for once could have actually let the ball bounce but again chose the wrong option. Liability, who can run. Lloris yet again left to look at Walker with an accusatory stare and some Anglo-Saxon invective.

Spurs were playing some decent stuff, pass and move, triangles, which all broke down as soon as the ball reached that other clueless oaf on the right, Townsend. As soon as he got it the ball never made it to another Spurs player, as he did his step overs and then lost the ball after cutting back into a defender.

But after his goal midweek he got an assist here, when just after the half-hour his free kick was left by the QPR defence, at the insistence of Green in goal who was no where near the ball leaving Harry Kane to power in the header. QPR had there chances before hand, most coming through the week links of Walker on the right and Bentaleb in the middle. Funny reading about his great tackling when he managed a whole two in the game, from three attempted, after the hour. Run past for fun before that.

After QPR claimed for a penalty as the ball was lifted into the area and Isla met a star jumping Lloris. Yes there was contact but it was the QPR player who made the contact by kicking Lloris’ foot rather than the other way round. Ref actually got this one right.

Into the second half and Kane released his inner Bobby Zamora, after Eriksen had hit the post with a cracking curler from outside the box the rebound found Kane who ballooned one he should have done better with.

Mason was player at the centre of most things. It was an all action display from the 23 year old. Though he was lucky that Pochettino grabbed off the pitch before he got involved after a flare up. He tackled well but QPR player had a moan and were looking to start something when the manager made the smart move.

There could have been far more goals score by now than just the one.

Just after the hour Kane double his tally and the lead. Nice chip over the static defence found Kane through with the ball with only the ‘keeper to beat and Chadli for company. Unlike Soldado in the Europa exit Kane went himself and didn’t try and play in the Belgian, round Green and made it two. Moving past Austin on the other side as the top scoring Englishman in the league.

Thank god ‘Arry Redknapp realised his life long dream of signing Rio Ferdinand. A player who the away fans took delight in telling should have quite years ago.

Two nil against the likes of QPR it should now be comfortable but of course this is Spurs and with three ex-Spurs player in their ranks it was just a matter of time before one of them scored. Sandro, well rather him than anyone else to be honest. On the ground where his Spurs career pretty much ended he got what in the end was a consolation, which he didn’t celebrate too wildly, but was almost the start of a successful comeback.

From a free-kick Caulker again showed he can head the ball in the opposition box if not his own, it fell to Austin who fired the shot which was saved by Bentaleb – best thing, only thing he did all match – luckily the ref didn’t give what was a stonewall penalty.

What was left of the time had Spurs hanging on desperately luckily finding a QPR who just couldn’t score. Desperation, against QPR, it really shouldn’t come to that.

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