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It has to be said over two league games Leicester haven’t had the greatest luck against Spurs, as they almost blew another one at the Lane.

Spurs have played Leicester – the club plumb bottom of the league where they’ve been there and there abouts all season – three times this season, twice in the league once in the cup, so far the game result is 2-1 to Spurs, with the aggregate score of 7-6 in their favour.

And quite frankly Spurs have been very lucky to walk away with those two league victories and only conceding the six goals.

Leicester could quite easily have won on their ground earlier in the season, had plenty of good chances that they spurned, while Lloris helped the visitors out. He didn’t get the chance to in the reverse fixture as Kyle Walker went one step further in his one man destruction of this campaign.

Just minutes in and it was easy to see where Leicester viewed Spurs’ weak link to be, as Vardy easily ran past Walker after the Spurs player had given the ball away, as they got closer to Lloris the so called defender had a brainwave and decided what was now needed was a gormless lunge, which he did taking out the captain.

Just when you thought last weeks performance by Walker couldn’t be topped, he out does himself.

Like the previous week the oppositions left side had Walker on toast all afternoon. And like last week he wasn’t helped by those around him, Townsend in front and Dier beside him. With of course the back four having no help from the pair in the middle of the park. Bentaleb managing a whole 2 tackles in this game, double his usual number.

What luck Leicester don’t have Spurs had in abundance. First up shortly after Lloris had been stretchered off an aimless Townsend corner was made into something with Dier’s flick on which fell to Kane for an easy tap-in.

Shortly after Spurs’ luck continued, Walker ran – which is all he can do – crossed to no one, well really to a defender who knocked the ball to Kane whose shot was deflected in for what he claimed was his second but may be taken off him at some point.

Before this Leicester had tested the new Spurs’ ‘keeper, Vorm, with a long range shot he just managed to keep out. So Spurs needed to make this just that bit more secure, bit more comfortable. It almost came when after some ping-pong build up Eriksen ran across the face of the box and shot back across to the other post, which unfortunately he hit the ball rebounded out to Chadli who skied it over the bar. He’s not the player he was before his absence.

To make things worse for Chadli he was booked for diving in the area. Many thought rightly as they all looked at his and the defenders feet to see no contact. No there wasn’t but there certainly was between the hands of the defender and the small of Chadli’s back. That’s what caused him to go up in the air the almighty push not the tackle. Certain foul, therefore penalty.

Leicester then did what they did in the previous league game and target the Spurs’ left. Rose was AWOL, while Bentaleb minced back with no intent nor purpose, certainly wasn’t going to stop the cross coming over where Walker wasn’t going to in a position to stop anything going in.

So 2-1 at the break and what should have been a comfortable second half wasn’t, especially when they equalised just 5 minutes in. After almost scoring through Nugent they did from the resulting corner, with Morgan having a free header after a free run right down the middle of the box.

Spurs went on an unbeaten run with a centre-back pairing of Fazio and Vertonghen, then it was split up with Dier coming in and over the last 10 games they are conceding on average two a game they can’t keep relying on Harry Kane and the luck to hold.

Both played their part in Spurs retaking the lead. As Rose ran into Nugent in the visitor’s box, bouncing off the striker the ref blew for a penalty. Maybe he’d been told that Chadli’s was. Kane slammed the spot-kick away for his hat-trick.

Leicester’s luck. Which didn’t get any better near the end, though it had looked to change when Chadli skied yet another one – would have felt more at home at Twickenham that day than a football ground. Eriksen played in by Paulinho whose tame shot rebounded off the advancing ‘keeper onto the defender and in before said defender’s desperate lunge.

You’d have thought that was it but no in true Spurs style they let another one in. Nugent scoring and as I Tweeted I reckon Ted Nugent could have scored against Spurs.

Honestly you look at the players picked, who is out in the cold and who just sits on the bench and wonder. Vlad, seemingly gone, is a better defender than Walker, Stambouli is a better midfielder than Bentaleb, Dembele a better player than Townsend. It really wouldn’t take much to make things better.

With Lloris out, who knows how long, is there just Harry Kane to paper over the cracks?

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