Who writes Harry Kane’s

England 4 - 0 Lithuania - Euro 2016 qualifier - March 27th, 2015


After Harry Kane scored his first senior goal for England 79 seconds into his debut, after three touches, you wonder who writing his scripts, but you know it ain’t Roy.

You don’t know what Roy is thinking. Though we know it goes along the lines of every England boss that’s gone before, don’t pick the players in form pick your favourites.

Of the two fixtures in this international week which would be better to blood the new kid? Against the team ranked below Benin, Malawi and Haiti or the one ranked in the top 10, who helped dump England out of the World Cup with ease?

Ah but Roy was right to stick with the players who have won all their games in qualifying since that Brazilian debacle. Look they all scored. Roy was right after all.

Well, Welbeck played like he knew his neck was the first on the chopping block, with Kane standing holding the axe. I mean he’s never going to drop Rooney now is he, captain after all. And poor tired little Sterling, Roy’s not going to drop him, as shown by picking Walker, Townsend and Walcott he likes players who can run into trouble at pace.

I did read that Sterling lit up Wembley during the second half. Did I miss that half? I saw him constantly missing out on good overlapping runs by Baines so that he could run into the packed middle and lose the ball. Ah but he crossed for Kane’s goal, yes again after he’d missed one of those Baines runs, and nearly buggered the whole thing up.

Baines of course gets the blame for not being involved as much going forward by those media types who fail to notice that it’s hard to get involved when you aren’t given the ball.

Anyway, honestly this was Lithuania, a team who had nothing but a ‘keeper who pulled off some saves, hell they would have looked out of place in the Scottish third division, I think it would be good for them. Most of England’s player had very little to do and those that did weren’t exactly as brilliant as some would make out.

Henderson and Delph looked to have found there level and yet they didn’t exactly run the show. Henderson giving the ball away far too much under no pressure while Delph needs to practise his accuracy at shinning balls. You might think he’d need to be better at meeting the ball with his foot rather than shin but let’s be realistic and maybe one day we can hope he can progress beyond scuffed shinners.

This really is a qualifying group to big England up for another embarrassing failure as soon as they meet any team of any real ability in a competitive situation. Especially with Rooney all ready hit the hyperbole button and saying others are scared to face Roy’s mob. I’m sure Henderson, Delph, Jones etc. have most teams quaking in their boots. I mean they beat the might of Lithuania – one of the few European countries where football isn’t the national sport – a whole four nil.

Hell it’s almost as embarrassing as the Jock celebrations after they scored against Gibraltar – they don’t even have a FIFA ranking.

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