Too little, too


Some were apparently happy that Spurs showed more signs of life than of late in their home defeat to Man Citeh.

In reality it amounted to very little, old traits were still very much present while the visitors no matter their protestations otherwise had nothing to play for.

With the scum’s victory earlier in the day Citeh’s season is basically over, hell it’s been over for a while, never mind what they say, they don’t want to be fighting for second. They certainly weren’t in those opening minutes when Spurs went through the usual routine of failing to take the chances that would eventually cost them.

The Citeh defence was opened wider than well Spurs’ defence at times, it was almost as if they were auditioning for a move to The Lane in the summer. But Spurs don’t punish such acts of kindness.

It came as no surprise after those missed chances that from another good opportunity, a Spurs corner, three players later the ball is in the Spurs net. Hart to Silva to Aguero. One nil.

Mason getting all the flack for not going with Aguero, trying to play offside. Noticed two of the golden boys getting none. Again another goal comes from Spurs left, where was the new golden boy Rose? Oh, there he is mincing about in the middle doing nothing in particular. Apparently he is greatly improved. Well when you start out at rock bottom any advancement could be seen as great, yet how many goals come from his ineptitude in defence? Running forward at speed does not make an improved defender.

The other golden child, who gets a free pass week in and christ it’s week out, Bentaleb, oh look he’s no where. Mason may have erred but at least he was there. It makes a change because the number of times Bentaleb has been in the vicinity of the goal scorer while doing nothing to stop a goal is probably even greater than Rose but all we hear is how he bossed the game. It’s beyond parody.

Put Mason alongside a better player and you’ll see a better Mason.

Hugo also came in for blame for being beaten at his near pots but Aguero has put so many past the true world class player we have that he gambled. It’s 50/50, he gambled wrong. When he’s gone I’m thinking that one goal won’t be the overriding memory of regret at his departure.

Lamela and Paulinho put in a decent show – the former throughout the latter after coming on – but again it meant nothing though would have been fun to see the Twitter meltdown if the Brazilian had scored the equaliser from the Argentinian’s free-kick late on.

So while the season peters out the scums are celebrating, one winning the league when Spurs stuffed ’em the other that yet again they’ll finish above North London’s team having taken a whole point of Spurs this season.

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