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While the progress of Erik Lamela continues standard Spurs failings appear as they snatch a draw from the jaws of victory against Monaco in the Europa League.

Another tired and nondescript European outing for Pochettino’s men in the second group game of their Europa League campaign in the Grace Kelly carpark.

Both teams looked to give away possession as soon as possible and it took some time for any actual football to break out.

Spurs not helped by playing s man down as Eriksen slowly makes his way back from injury. He really just wasn’t in the game at all. Though no doubt some had him as their man of the match.

That is going by the calls for Danny Rose to get it. Apparently running up and down while once actually fulfiling your defensive duties is all it takes. The fact that he could have given away two penalties through his standard gormlessness is glossed over.

He was found out a few times in the first group game and in the League Cup match and has shown why Pochettino has relegated him to the cup games. Those decrying Davies say Rose is vastly improved but when you start as low as he did that doesn’t take much. He’s still a clown who can run fast and that’s no basis to pick a defender.

While Eriksen is still on sabbatical at least Lamela and Dele Alli are around to pick up the slack. Lamela has improved and now includes goals and assists to go with his enthusiasm.

The lad Alli is just a player. He looks born to it and the way he leads on the park how long before he wears the armband?

No surprise the pair were involved in the goal, along with Spurs best bits of play, Lamela running a distance to tap it in.

Things could have been better if the weekend goal against Citeh had made a difference for Kane but his failed header looked more like he’s going to keep struggling than kick on.

What with the Monaco played after their equaliser and the penalties Rose could have given away – trip in the box was as Spurs fans would have been screaming for it at the other end, his ridiculous deliberate handball might have been outside the box but since when has that stopped a ref giving it? – maybe Spurs should look on it as a point gained rather than two lost.

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