The Tim Sherwood memorial match

didn’t have it’s leading man.

Unfortunately old Tim didn’t seem to be there to see one of his former clubs, Spurs, do over another of his former clubs, Aston Villa, must have been to busy watching gooner DVDs, his beloved club.

In a way it was probably best, after all Tim had done over Pochettino in their previous meetings, in that very Spursy way that would have more than likely see Villa register their first win for a considerably long time.

And even though they tried to be Spursy against Villa this Pochettino side are slowly getting out of that habit.

It’s certainly not Spursy for Dembele to score, especially when doing something he hasn’t done before in English football, score for the second game running. Is he finally fit to fit into Pochettino’s scheme of things. Moved forward with Alli and Dier behind is certainly a better fit.

He showed again last night everything that people love in his game in scoring that goal, namely the strength to just hold people off and keep possession. The goal is an added bonus.

He showed that strength a little later when he caught Westwood, resulting in the player having to go off. The Villa are whinging a bucket full about this and the fact that the ref didn’t stop play while the player was on the floor. Well footballers only have themselves to blame, refs can’t trust ’em. You see so many rolling around after being brushed by a hand, which no doubt Westwood has done previously.

Don’t want people saying Get up you tart when your players are really injured, then don’t feign injury like a tart.

After such a quick start and the way in which Villa were there for the taking it was somewhat Spursy that they didn’t take ’em. Chances were there and Spurs dominated but there was no killer touch.

It felt like one of those games, really Spursy, dominate while not scoring and go in at the break having just conceded the equaliser. As it was they didn’t as on the 45th minute Dele Alli doubled the lead and further cemented his place as a fan favourite. That lad is a player. Controlled on the knee, banged in on the volley. Roy Keane won’t be going on about Spurs softness while Alli and Dier are in the middle.

Yes there are some weaknesses, mainly fullbacks. People still get awful excited because Rose can run fast forward, while his delivery was generally inept. While on the other side should Walker really need the help of Alli and Lamela to combat Scott Sinclair? Well maybe, as with just Lamela the “winger” got through Walker very easily for a shot.

So at the break you wonder if the onlooking new Villa boss, Remi Garde – which the club spelled wrong in his official welcome – realise just what he’d let himself in for. Especially as the Timmettes in the media will be after him from the off. Who is this immigrant upstart to take the job of our beloved English Tim.

Things changed when Dembele was brought off for Mason. Had the look of we’ve got to get the returning player back into things substitution. It didn’t work. Without Dembele that possession control was lost, while Mason was off the pace and coughed up the ball that led to Villa pulling one back.

Classic Spursy. Now for the final few minutes, well about a quarter of an hour with added time, of hanging on in desperation. They just couldn’t keep the ball, while inept passing kept gifting away possession, up until the final moments. When a glorious passage of play ended up with Harry Kane firing in his fifth of the season.

As I Tweeted…

…as Spurs remain unbeaten in the league since that opening day defeat. It weren’t pretty, it was pretty dire at times but it was a victory and it was one that came when Spurs of old would have coughed up that last minute equaliser and be ruing more dropped points. Yes only Spurs could go into a game against bottom of the table Villa with the joint best defensive record and come out of it without that record but the goal difference is into double figures and quite frankly that’s a minor miracle.

Did Tim celebrate the team he played for, and back-stabbed his way to manage, winning?

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