Spurs and the art or ruing missed


They were there, plenty of them, all chances to put the Woolwich Wanderers away but that killer touch was missing which meant that easy gifted equaliser was only seconds away from happening.

On watching MotD2 you’d think the game was all one sided, somewhat biased towards the side whose equaliser was met with unrestrained glee from the commentator – or goon scum shouter as he should be correctly termed. But by the time he ejaculated in ecstasy it should have been just a consolation.

There was plenty of them, Dier’s free back post header from Eriksen’s free-kick that the defender should have least got on target through numerous Kane shots just wide of the posts to Alderweireld’s header brilliantly saved by Cech – Roman bloody Abramovich.

There was also chances that didn’t get that far, Dembele very early on was free just outside the box, should have had a bang, could have made it four in four for the Belgian but reverted to his old ways and passed it sideways. Lamela brilliantly rounded Koscielny nearly putting him on his arse but failed to find Kane with the resulting pass into the box.

When Kane did get his good chance he did take it. Nice peel off to stay onside as Rose curled the ball into acres of space and Kane took it well.

The rest of the time Dembele, Lamela, Eriksen, Dier, Alli and the rest were at their harrying best not a moments rest was given. Just who was going to tire first. Those that had played 3 games in 6 days or those that we were told had a hard schedule yet had more rest over that period.

A period when the hosts were really struggling, especially with gravity. Well with a weak referees falling for the falling what can we expect. Tarts in red all over the place. During which Vertonghen and Dier indulged in some top trolling, especially of Giroud. One wonders if he would have got those headers somewhere on target if he’d not been wound up so much.

So we knew that weak ref would do something to alter the game, wouldn’t get his fizzog on telly otherwise, and it came with a yellow for Lamela. After that the lad looked like he was out for a red, so had to be replaced. This just slowed it down for Spurs, momentum lost and in the end the inevitable was inevitable.

For all the talk about the great play of the two fullbacks yet again a goal conceded came from a cross not cut out by one and scored by a player left alone by the other. Walker having no idea where Gibbs was for his tap in. People quick to blame Lloris but it shouldn’t have come down to him to save the day again.

All of a sudden it sounded if a crowd was watching the game. Shhhhh, quiet in the library.

The lad Alli ran himself into the ground, he ran Cazorla into a half-time hooking, and ran himself into the man of the match award. Maybe with the ball it wasn’t his best game, but without it he made sure Spurs regained possession quickly and possession lost was costly.

There was still time for one of those late goals that have become the Pochettino staple – Poch rocking the AVB coat – but all momentum was really lost as were two points, chance to go just three points off the top.

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