Everybody saw that coming, well apart from

Spain 2 - 0 England - International Friendly - November 13th, 2015

Roy probably.

A lot of people got rather too excited about England’s undefeated run since the World Cup debacle through qualification for Euro 2016, in a never mind the quality feel the width way.

That Euro qualifying group was one of the easiest groups ever assemble for any competition anywhere and anyone in their right mind knew that when England faced any team of any real ability that it would show that things haven’t moved on since the humiliation of Brazil.

So here comes Spain, a county that had it’s own Brazilian disaster, cruised through qualifying with just one loss and even in a meaningless friendly, with players who aren’t particularly playing well for their club -Chelsea players – managed to show up England for the poor state their in.

While the hosts had a fullback who could score a cracking overhead goal from the edge of the area, England had a bunch of players who couldn’t differentiate between those playing in white and those in red. How else can you explain the ease with which those in white gave the ball to those in red?

England playing with a £49m winger who couldn’t control the most simple of passes. Who can never make his mind up what he’s doing. Who can never run into space to give himself a chance, much preferring the company of others, specifically opposition defenders who he likes to run at to try and beat close in, which he doesn’t.

The only real time England functioned was when Sterling passed the ball outside to the overlapping Bertrand, his first time crosses created problems for the Spanish. Unfortunately only Harry was in the box and couldn’t get on the end of everything, though he tries.

This was due to them giving the ball away so often and having to defend, leaving Kane all on his lonesome as he tried to win every hump up the park that yet again just gave the ball away.

All the Spanish were missing was a real striker. A Costa on form and things could’ve been even worse as it wasn’t just the tiki-taka stuff the hosts were playing. When England gave the ball away very cheaply in their own half the Spanish were having shots within two or three passes.

Those passes were bypassing the likes of Carrick, who was bypassed all night. Honestly when he was carried off who actually thought to themselves “oh, Carrick is playing, why did nobody mention it?”. If they weren’t cutting through the middle with ease, Delph more visible than Carrick but that just made him more useless, they were showing up the now “great” Walker. Walker does that confused pigeon look so well. He gets so much practise at it and Spurs fans praise him because he puts his shoes on the correct feet.

Kane had a few tries, one decent shot that just curved away from goal but despite what loons like Gary Cahill spouts rubbish if they’d got anything out of the game, even a consolation goal it would have flattered England.

It was fitting that Spain’s second was a clusterfuck from all those involved from the English side. Needless back pass by Walker that was left as late as possible – said it before and I’ll say it again, never seen a player so reluctant to play the ball than Walker, he leaves it so late it plays others into trouble – useless clearance by Hart, who I read was not culpable for either goal, well he played his part here and they win the header and it’s in the net while Smalling and Hart are dancing about moaning about a non-existent offside.

Two nil was about what England deserved. It’s about what will happen every time they meet a team of reasonable quality, while just like the last World Cup Roy will be going on that come the Euros England can win it.

When I look at Roy as he sits in the crowd at club games I think he looks like someone on day release from the old folks home. When he talks up the rubbish he sounds senile…

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