A draw would look good


Spurs third game against Leicester this season broke the string of draws, well two draws, as the visitors came out victorious and Spurs have to look to restart again.

Up until last night Spurs and Leicester had the joint best record for lost games in the league, both having lost just two each. Leicester are still on that number while Spurs has risen to three.

Prior to last night it was Leicester’s two extra wins to Spurs’ two more draws that separated the sides. But what also separates them is what happened last night. Leicester have, so far this season, done what it takes to win. Most games they’re outplayed in the way of not having much of the ball as they again did against Spurs but it doesn’t matter when they take what chances they have to win games. They must be right up there in getting points from losing positions.

And so it was Spurs had the ball but didn’t take their chances. All the talk of another striker needed, well yes one would be nice, but it’s not like Kane was anonymous in this game. Spurs had twice as many attempts on and off target as the visitors, much like at the weekend, they just didn’t finish them.

Leicester had three strikers on show last night, Vardy, Ulloa and Okazaki. Vardy is their Kane, so the other two, well Ulloa has one and Okazaki three. Well that’s covered by Son’s two and Lamela’s three. So in reality it’s the goalscoring of midfielder Mahrez that’s a difference but also taking those chances. It’s not like their defensive record is as good as that of Spurs and their two main men were kept reasonably quiet most of the night.

Yes, yet again, a visiting ‘keeper made some quality saves and yet again woodwork was hit. But an awful lot of the attempts were from outside the box and they do get bodies behind the ball and get blocks in.

Blocking the ball that is not their own players. Still haven’t seen the definitive angle yet but Dier hitting the floor leaving Huth all on his lonesome to head in the winner didn’t help and wouldn’t be helped by the addition of a second striker.

Who knows, maybe that second striker would finish off the chances. Kane one on one with the ‘keeper after and excellent ball through by Lamela, or Lamela’s chance from Davies cross a little later that sent Pochettino into a little apoplectic dance.

Speaking of crosses wouldn’t it nice to have some decent ones from the right, you know like those ones in the cup game. But no, we had dithering Kyle, dithering at both ends. Slow of thought and deed. Playing the defence into trouble with his reluctance to kick the ball and slowing up all attacks as he dithers and swithers about a cross and then passes back. While Trippier looked up, ran forward and got the ball into a dangerous area, which of course nobody finished off.

Into January and fans are angry at Spurs third league defeat of the season, this time to a side who are only second due to goal difference and a team who’ve got there because they get wins in games like this.

It could be worse, some were calling for Bentaleb’s introduction…

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