Did the team selection make any difference

at all?

Did the two goal victory over Aston Villa to get back to winning ways justify Pochettino’s team selection against Dortmund?

Going by the performance in each game it doesn’t look like it really would have made any difference which team Pochettino put out against either team.

The midweek team would probably have beaten Villa, the weekend team probably have lost to the German outfit, on this performance.

Some were rather too happy about the game against Villa, it was a case of looking at the victory and the the accompanying three points, rather than a somewhat mediocre performance against the worst team in the league.

Going in at half-time Spurs could have been ahead by a bundle, while at the same time being poor enough that against a team like Dortmund they could have started the second half three or more down. At the end of the game it could very easily have been 8-2 to the visitors while the home side could have snatched a two all draw.

The lack of ability in keeping the ball was inexcusable against this relegation fodder, who were there for the taking. Hell there was one point in the first half when two Villa players tackled each other and still came away with the ball. Yet Spurs gifted them ball after ball, much like against Dortmund.

Again I see high praise for the fullbacks. Well Rose made one good tackle while finding the legs of the first defender with every single attempted cross, while Walker was doing his hitting the ball over everyone and out of play on the other side of the pitch again. Wow he found Lamela with one cross. Well if anyone is going to have dumb luck.

The midfield just looked leggy. Dier not commanding, Dembele really off it, no gliding no seeming power to ride past opposition players, while Alli looked like he could have done with missing this one like the midweek one, same with Dembele really. Give him a full weeks rest.

Yet if Alli hadn’t played would Spurs have won?

His quick thinking for the quick free kick that played Kane in for the opener and his cross put Kane in for his second. That second was the bit of quality on the day, some nice one touch passing, Alli to Eriksen to Kane to Lamela back to Alli and he centres for Kane.

The second should have opened the floodgates, Spurs already impressive goal difference should have been increased to being at least 10 better than the next in the league. Villa are a side that pretty much give up after conceding the first never mind the second. Here though the could have easily equalised, hitting the woodwork twice and then Joleon Lescott* doing his best Austin Allegro impersonation with an outstanding miss.

As said Spurs could have been out of sight by then, should have been, woodwork hit themselves, Guzan with some good saves but if you sacrifice the Europa for this then surely you expect more against a side you could quite easily see relegated again next season.

It was a win, it moved them three points closer to first and away from third, puts some pressure on Leicester in their Monday night game, it was some good goals and Kane looking a bit better but it wasn’t much more than that performance wise…

* Say what you like about David Moyes and his failures but surely getting £24 million for Lescott is one of the great managerial successes of all time.

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