R.I.P. Johan Cruyff, more than just

The Cruyff Turn - Joahn Cryuff vs Jan Olsson - Holland vs Sweden 1974 World Cup.

a turn.

The Dutch great Johan Cruyff has died, aged 68, will probably be most remembered for that one moment in one game but he was much more than that but then how many players have a move named after them?

The Cruyff turn and the Panenka and…

Julie Welch’s Johan Cruyff obituary: Europe’s first football superstar. Apologies for linking to the Gruaniad but Dame Julie doesn’t half know her stuff.

Of course the Grauniad in classic Grauniad style in their printed version used a picture of the wrong player. Not the classic number 14 of Cruyff but Rob Rensenbrink the number 15.

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