Only Roy can spoil this by

Germany 2 - 3 England - March 26, 2016 - International friendly - Olympiastadion, Berlin.

being Roy.

Roy Hodgson is currently riding high on the coattails of players he wouldn’t have picked for the squad never mind started if his favourites were available.

Everything Roy Hodgson said before and after England’s comeback victory over Germany in the weekend’s friendly in Berlin shows that the only person who can bugger up England come the summer is Roy himself.

Firs the scorer of the winner has to step out of the shadow of Wilshere.

A defender, who has converted rather successfully to a defensive midfield role and played well in that position all season has to prove himself over a player who isn’t a defensive midfielder and actually isn’t even there. And come June will more than likely not be fit, certainly not for purpose.

Dier, the defender/defensive midfielder, has four goals this season, more than Wilshere has ever managed in a single season.

When Roy compared Alli to Bryan Robson I think the poor old sod was getting a bit confused and got him mixed up with Wilshere or Rooney.

Because much like “Captain Marvel” it doesn’t matter what state either of them are in, they’ll be going. As Roy basically said post match after people were rightly pointing out that isn’t it time to call time.

Rooney is now like Gerrard, made Roy’s captain, so he has to go and when he goes as captain he has to play, which just upsets the apple-cart. Both of them upset the balance of the team by demanding to be the centre of attention and chasing the ball. Me, me, me.

Rooney, on form, if picked would have to be one of the wide forwards, but it’s not a position he is disciplined enough to play. He’d always be coming inside, clogging up the centre of the park and getting in the road because in his mind, much like Gerrard, he is the star the focal point and everything has to go through him.

And anyway Rooney’s record at tournaments since his breakthrough has been worse than abysmal, looking at his season so far why would anyone think that would change.

So Roy through no fault of his own almost ended up with a decent side against the reigning World Champions.

Now the hosts might not have played that well, maybe they weren’t allowed to, you know that defensive midfielder doing his defensive job but then England played with a few short throughout the game.

Given the chance you know Roy would pick eleven Hendersons.

Dear god, what an awful display, hell was it even that good? Those gooners that were going on about the anonymous Ozil getting an assist – a sideways ball that had absolutely nothing to do with the goal – well so did Henderson and nobody was crowing about that. Hell Dier even had to tell him where to put it.

So with Henderson providing nothing, Lallana not much more, Clyne one ball for Vardy’s excellent equaliser, Welbeck an awful lot of dithering and no tracking back, Butland giving away the opener, Cahill the second, Smalling the prospect of falling over at any minute. England were a little light.

The Germans have to be grateful Roy couldn’t call up Toby Alderweireld, Kevin Wimmer and Mousa Dembele, etc etc…

Yup if only Roy could call on the Spurs squad, who while falling to Germans in Europe, the four picked here were the stand-outs, yeah I know I’m biased but Alli was man of the match pretty much everywhere, again showing the opposition all the respect they deserved, yes he should have scored the winner, what a miss, which apparently got those gooners in a froth – “Ozil assist, Ozil assist”. While Dier did what was asked for him in that position, while scoring the winner. Amazingly Rose was the best defender on show and Kane got things going with his excellent goal.

The Kane turn, like the Cruyff turn but with a goal at the end.

You’ve almost got it Roy, it’s not of your making, or your choosing, but it’s almost there, just don’t spoil it now…

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