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2008 Carling Cup Final - Teemu Tainio trolls Didier Drogba


The bank holiday barney of Stamford Bridge saw Spurs lose their heads and a two goal lead to hand the “we won Leicester the league” trophy to the jubilant Chelski.

A well rested Chelsea, well they hand’t bothered playing for the last eight months or so, came to do one thing, the only thing they’ve done, well apart from getting another title winning manager the sack, start the fairytale celebrations.

Ah the fairytale, nope Disney wouldn’t write it, though Walt probably would enjoy the videoed racist orgy followed by Vardy’s little racist outbreak and Simpson’s domestic abuse conviction. The Chelsea players could play the little princesses in this version of a fairytale. Fabrgas with his rolling round and round will be the Queen of Tarts.

Last week I pleaded with Dele Alli not to get sucked in by West Brom’s antics this week it was pretty much the whole lot of ’em. Of the eleven starters on Lloris, Toby and Son weren’t carded, while the substitute Mason totted the total up to an impressive nine on the night. A league record.

Some of course were lucky not to see their own totals totted up to a red. Clattenburg ineffectual from the very start to the very end, while still trying to be the centre of attention.

Every time one of the home side fell over, Clattenberk fell for it. While he missed Walker kicking Pedro, he also missed the far more blatant fouls by the likes of Mikel and Ivanovic.

The latter two started the niggles, while Walker showed that an upgrade at right-back is really required. He might be over the moon that Pochettino is staying but more displays like that and that happiness will disappear out the door as quickly as he should.

On the other side the other dolt brother was doing his doltish thing. Which ended up with Poch having to separate him from Willian. A mass gathering then saw the most stupid act on the night. Dembele putting his hand in the vicinity of Costa’s eye. Gouging, well everyone is screaming that it is but then Costa screamingly slapped his hand over the opposite eye. Mousa was in a rather combative mood, it’ll probably the last of him the season. Though one official did seem to be watching the incident.

It got worse in the second half, they really did get sucked in, when cooler heads were required. They all had to release their inner Teemu Tainio…

They were two up, point at the scoreboard, talk about the league table, wind them up.

That was the other disappointment of the night, forget the league, this was a glorious chance to get that not won at the scummy bridge monkey off their back. Winning again without winning in the end.

Yup they suspended the kicking and shoving to score a couple of crackers. Dier to Eriksen, lovely lay off to Lamela who dissects the Chelsea defence to find Kane who rounded the ‘keeper and then calmly slotted home his 25th league goal of the campaign.

Then just before the break more nice build up play, pressing by Lamela makes it easier for Harry to disrupt play and Eriksen plays a lovely ball through to Son, his first touch is awful but then his second puts the ball past Begovic and looks even amazed himself.

Should have been it but wasn’t as they got sucked in more and more.

For the host’s first goal I saw Dier getting the blame for letting Cahill go. Well, he had Cahill right up until Ivanovic grabbed his shirt and pulled him right back to where he started. For the benefit of Mark Clattenburg it’s what is known as a foul.

The equaliser was just a defensive shambles of the omni variety. Starting with Walker trying his usual defending with his hands routine and finishing with some bloke we didn’t know was still playing the game curling the ball past Hugo while Walker lollygaged back.

There was seven minutes to go, with the added time there was close on a quarter of an hour to play, plenty of time to shut ’em up. But no they got sucked in further and further. Dier lucky, very lucky not to get another card. While their lot kept carrying on in their same manner. Azpilicueta shouldering Walker and then Costa doing Toby. It looked bad and resulted in the defender going off though doing so under his own steam gives some hope.

So they got to celebrate this famous draw. While individuals in the stands waved their scrawled sheet of A4 that this was for Ranieri. Though you figure said individual was probably wearing a goon or ManUre shirt in 2004.

As Kane said the pre-game reigning league champions celebrating like that shows where Spurs are now. But it wasn’t these two dropped points that won Leicester the league or rather lost Spurs it.

Spurs didn’t bottle it. You do that when you lead the league and blow it, like a certain other team did. No not Chelsea, they’re currently battling Stoke for that final top half place.

No it was that home defeat to Newcastle, you shouldn’t lose at home after being ahead to a McClown led Newcastle and then the six pointer where they battered Ranieri’s team only to lose. Yes too many draws but those six points while Leicester would be three points worse off, well.

Just have to make sure now that second place is secured. Club will be fined for the number of yellows and no doubt Dembele will be missed. But the fight goes on…

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