Hello Spursy, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again.

In a season that was supposed to end Spursy, Spurs managed to be more Spursy than ever before as they blew it on the final day in the most Spursy fashion imaginable.

The second Chelsea’s equaliser went in Spurs’ season ended, it was dying a death before that but this was the coup de grace.

They could have salvaged something from the quarter of an hour that was left in that game but their heads went and they haven’t come back since. First Southampton at home and now this, this abortion of a performance.

Only Spurs could go into a game against an already relegated side, a side who the week previously had only managed a draw with the worst team in the league, Villa, needing just a point to secure second place and come away with less than nothing.

From the off it looked like only one side was bothered. The one that hadn’t really looked bothered for most of the previous 37 games. They did look bothered for one half of a game earlier in the season. The one where they took the first three points off Spurs, at White Hart Lane.

Said before that you don’t deserve the title if you lose at home to Newcastle. You certainly don’t deserve second if they do the double over you.

It wasn’t meant to end like this. But then it’s Spurs so it probably was.

A dithering opening by Spurs was topped when Newcastle took the lead, nothing much had changed in Spurs effort when that lead was double just before the break. Oh look Walker is trying to play the man and not in anyway trying to do anything that involves touching the ball.

A half time bollocking and changes required. Don’t know if the former came, the latter did in the shape of Onomah and Carroll for Son and Mason. The former maybe unlucky, not the worst though not the best, while Mason, well his re-emergence in the first team has coincided with the drop off.

Oh for Alli and Dembele.

While conceded these easy goals they were doing next to nothing going forward. We saw on a few occasions why Walker is so reluctant to kick the ball as he ballooned some awful attempted crosses. The second half was really no better but hope came when first Lamela pulled one back and then Mitrovic saw a straight red for a nasty challenge on Walker – the only decent thing he did all afternoon.

That hope didn’t last 10 minutes as the ref decided that Sissoko outrageous dive was in fact a penalty. Vertonghen had flicked his leg out at the Toon player but like most things Spurs did all get he didn’t get within a country mile of committing a foul.

That was the final nail in the coffin, hell the thing was three feet down. It was soon to be four feet and then five feet.

Beyond awful, the mental strength we were told that had been instilled this season had long gone, they gave up before they started and amazingly got worse as it went on.

Pochettino’s worst day in the job, any job. Well maybe if he’d not made a big thing about not being bothered about finishing above that other lot then they might have finished above that other lot.

Almost all the good work you think had been done during the season, undone in one afternoon, with a few previous games thrown in.

Can Pochettino turn this round with some decent off season signings. Players that will really strengthen a side that has a good core. A scorer, a pair of fullbacks – no I’m still not convinced by Rose – and substitutes. Understudies that won’t weaken the team as happened when Mousa and Dele were suspended.

No I won’t be sad to see the back of Newcastle, I hope they stay away for a long, long time, hopefully with the fat Spanish waiter failing, oh and this might keep Whinger at the Wanderers. But as positive go that is quite pathetic.

As pointed out many times on Twitter, only Spurs could finish third in a two horse race.

Oh, did I mention it was Spursy…

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