Roy will be overjoyed with Iceland

Iceland Commentator goes a bit crackers as they score the winner against Austria.

a lot easier than Tesco.

Yes we had to go with the obligatory supermarket reference to the fact England will be facing the smallest nation in the tournament, Iceland, in the last 16 of Euro 2016.

One minute Roy would have been in a deep depression doing that sitting there looking like he’s smelling his finger thing – has he been doing a quick Joachim Low shuffle down his pants? As Portugal equalised in their coupon buster three all draw with Hungary.

The next minute he would have been doing that dad dancing celebration of his as Iceland charged forward and put the winner past the Austrian ‘keeper.

You can just imagine the joy on his little face, Roy’s that is not the Icelandic bloke, as Ray Lewington stood next to him saying “yes boss”.

And it’s a joy that seems to be mirrored on social media. Plenty on Twitter more than happy that it’s Iceland and not Portugal. Well little Iceland, no hoper minnows who only came second in their group above err, Portugal, hmmm.

Yes Portugal have done England a couple of times in recent tournaments but what will Iceland do, they’ll be sticking as many behind the ball as possible and hope to catch England on the break. Hope for a set piece or that Chris Smalling finally gets penalised for hanging all over an opposition player, you know the way the pundits screamed about the Italians in their game against Ireland.

Oh and on that Ireland game, the penalty shout. Well how many times have you heard Andy Townsend bang about a player touching the ball when they’ve also fouled the other player? Yup, every time. Except this one time, all of a sudden Ireland could get a penalty and his whole “he got the ball” mantra goes out the window.

Anyway back to England and well a flat back ten. How well have England managed against a flat back ten, especially in this tournament. Russia, Wales and Slovakia all went defensive against Roy’s lot and Roy’s lot struggled.

ow the home nations, including Ireland, have been involved in a number of really awful games so far, this one against Iceland promises no better, so let’s not all dance that little Roy jig…

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