Well, a point, is a point

but that’s all.

Spurs’ third league outing of the season turned into an exercise in “taking the positives” in another lifeless, drab, disappointing affair.

Well the visitors, Liverpool played at their very best, while Spurs were nowhere, a disjointed, disorganised, disinterested shambles and they came away without losing.

That’s your lot folks.

Other positives. Well the way Vorm played should have shut up some moaners. But he’s undoubtedly man of the match it’s a cloud to go with a silver lining. Walker’s going off, saved us from groaning at his dimwittery. And they didn’t lose, that last one just keeps coming back.

You can also point to the fact that Spurs weren’t exactly helped by the officials, though on another positive note, it could have been a lot worse.

One penalty was given that should not have been, while another wasn’t which also should not have been.

The opening goal came from a spot kick that wasn’t as the pundits euphemistically call it “soft”, it was just plain wrong. Lamela was all over Firmino until the player entered the box, then the scapegoat, Lamela, laid off. Firmino’s heel then caught Lamela’s shin causing the Liverpool player to bang his foot into the back of his other and fall over.

How could a ref not give it.

Much like the scouse lot were screaming when Vertonghen was doing his usual pulling and grabbing routine at a corner. Oh boy, didn’t that get Mark Hughes bleating. Well Mark, the ball was not in play when Jan did it, otherwise it would have been a penalty.

Oh and Mark your mob aren’t being picked on. They’ve been at this so long that they don’t know it’s never been legit, it’s just been tolerated by cowardly officials. Your mob are a blight on the game and are finally being treated the way they should have been for a long time. So wind you Welsh windbag neck in, but.

Saying all that Vertonghen and Walker are going to have to pack it in very quick as they’ll be giving away penalties. Vertonghen especially now it’s been highlighted in the media.

The scouse were also whinging, not like ’em I know, about Mane’s offside goal. Well Lallana was, ever so slightly but off is off and well Mane shouldn’t have even been on the park to put it away. How many stamps did he get away with?

So Vorm saved the day with one very early great save from Coutinho along with some excellent sweeper ‘keepering.

But nothing else was going right. I mean when you’ve got two defensive midfielders in the middle of the park and the ‘keeper is having the game of his life it pretty much says something is very majorly wrong here.

There is no balance to the side with that pair in there and no real guile. That big gaping Dembele sized hole. You just have to look at the Dembele stats they win with him, they don’t win nearly as much without him, while Kane scores with him – 24 in 27 games – while he doesn’t without – 1 in 12.

Kane don’t do August.

Is it the month, or is it having been non-stop with a summer tournament, this year the Euros last the U21s, is it Roy Hodgson has just knackered him. Well you look at Alli and Roy has done a number on that kid.

But then Eriksen had a summer off and he looks gone, with that extra cash stop him flouncing about like a big tart? Now with none of them providing any skill it’s no wonder Kane is doing nothing, while Janssen is finding out what it’s like to be a Spurs striker. That is see very little of the ball.

I mean they had Milner at left-back and he wasn’t really tested the whole game

So it was left to Danny Rose to save the day. Dier’s cross, Lamela’s header and Rose’s scuffer. And the usual guff about this “great” left back, who was found somewhat wanting defensively, yet runs up and down, fast, so is great.

And since that game Daniel Levy has decided that he likes the look of Hull City’s return to the top flight and the fact that they got to the top of the Premier League after a couple of games with no players. So off goes Chadli to West Brom to get a crick in his neck watching longs balls being humped over his head by the lumpers at the back. Just leaving Lamela and Eriksen from the seven bought with the Bale money. Then Mason is probably gone, while there’s rumours of Son heading back to Germany.

While the squad is being thinned, nothing is coming in bar kids and if there is to be a signing Levy is doing his usual leaving it to the very last minute. Those that have been mentioned are player like Zaha who have had run ins with their clubs, not the type you’d expect Pochettino to put up with.

Yeah, they’ve more points than this time last season but there’s no guarantee of repeating what happened then, while hoping others don’t improve…

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