Meet the new clown, same as the old


I see the FA have a new man in charge, Greg Clarke, and in a pleasant keeping with tradition they’re replaced on berk with another.

Is it on the application form. Must be a prat.

Well the new one has come out with a right doozy, that he has stated that Brexit might have an adverse effect on England’s chances of hosting the Euros or a World Cup.

Well on the basis that with Brexit we’ve been promised pestilence, war, famine and death, by the remain side, do we really need to worry to worry about whether or not we host a major football tournament that’s a few years away.

The thing is Mr. Clarke, in the 43 years since Britain joined the then Common Market on January the first 1973, England have hosted one tournament. Euro ’96. One out of the 24 competitions played or to be played with the hosts already picked. One.

So with that one, along with the embarrassing attempts of late to host another, being part of the EU hasn’t exactly been a major help in England landing a tournament to host.

Added to all that claptrap from Clarke he came out with the classic of how good England were in Italia ’90. played really well.

Right, I’m thinking Greg only watched one game. He certainly can’t have viewed any of the three group games. unlucky to lose on penalties to Germany, lucky to win on penalties, won, against Cameroon.

So meet the new boss same bumbling, buffoon as Wiseman, Thompson, Triesman, Bernstein, Dyke, et al…

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