Spursy (Slight Return)

but still unbeaten.

All the guaranteed things that would happen when Spurs played West Brom in the league did happen, except they got out with a point.

It was all there, the law of the ex, the tons of chances, the ‘keeper having a career day, not taking advantage of the slips of others. Very Spursy.

Most people had Chadli down as a scorer for West Brom, guaranteed.

The law of the ex, added to that he’s been on a decent scoring run since his move from Spurs to the midlands club, well three in the last three.

He did score but not before the game should have been out of sight. It was pretty much like a home game for the visitors. In the first half Spurs had all the ball and all the chances, while Ben Foster in the home goal was having the day of days.

Yet another ‘keeper having a career highlight reel day against Spurs.

And yet again Spurs struggling to beat a lesser team after putting away a better team with ease. Can beat Man Citeh, struggle against West Brom, so often the case. As is the case of not profiting on others mishaps. Citeh only manage a home draw, after getting two penalties but Spurs don’t capitalise. Win at the Hawthorns and they would have replaced the Manchester club at the top of the league.

But for Foster it would have been.

It’s not like they didn’t create chances from start to finish. Pretty much the last action was Foster saving an Eriksen free-kick. A set piece won by Son, who started on the bench, a decision by Pochettino that was met with much disquiet. But the Korean, like the rest, had been on international duty, which unlike the rest meant a trip out east, far out east. Rose was also rotated, again he played both the England games, bar a few minutes, after just coming back from injury. Both were also benched with the Champions League in mind. Poch gets flack for not rotating then does if he does.

But apparently a proper manager wouldn’t rest his top scorer, unlike Pep Guardiola who rested Aguero…

Janssen came in for Son and again did everything you want from him apart that one thing. He didn’t really have a great, clear chance on goal, but he did set up others with opportunities. He leads the line so well, is so hard for defenders to get off the ball, can play the lovely layoffs but he just isn’t scoring.

Oh what would he and we give for a goal like that he scored on international duty.

While you thought things couldn’t get worse Jan Vertonghen started on a one man mission to knacker any other Belgian player on the field. First he tried it on Chadli, well this was before he scored so fair game. But then he did Toby, no not Toby.

Time for Wimmer to strip off… but where’s Wimmer? Well word is he isn’t happy about not playing, who is, but he wasn’t on the bench so Dier came in instead. Eric can do the job but maybe Wimmer is the better option, he certainly let nobody down when he came in for Jan last season. But then Dier is missing out, with Wanyama seemingly Poch’s choice for the defensive midfielder.

Son did come on and yet again his persistence paid off. Non-stop running he went to the byline, came back played the ball further into the area where it eventually found Alli, he brilliantly opened up to put it inside the post for the equaliser.

So some think a point gained, but it really looks like two points dropped, especially with Citeh doing the same. It also saw Spurs drop a place in the league to them.

But if it had been truly Spursy they wouldn’t have even picked up that point…

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