Two steps forward, a giant leap


After a couple of promising performances Spurs drop back into this season’s standard form with an insipid display to lose at Man Utd.

Yes but those two previous performances were against Swansea, worst team in the league after the result and CSKA the worst team in the Champions League group and this was Man Utd.

Yes one of the worst ManUre sides. If it was against one of the Fergie sides there’d be room for optimism, playing this poorly and only being beaten one nil. Against this lot, well it’s down there with some of those insipid draws.

While the previous two games, along with the first half against Chelsea, had seen the return of Dele and Eriksen, possible due to the catalyst of Kane. Here saw a regression, not even back to before but worse than that.

The game plan seemed to be dither about and run into a Man U player and cough up the ball as easily as possible. Dele trying to nutmeg everyone in sight, and failing, Eriksen just mincing about and Kane, well a sideways pass on the halfway line that didn’t quite reach it’s target. Unless the target was a home goal.

Heading forward with no real obstacle in his way, as the ManU players backed off, there was a huge gap to his right, he all of a sudden sided to stop and played the crab ball, behind Eriksen.

Tweeted the other day they needed a team of Harry Kanes. Well, if he’s going play like Scott Parker we can knock that idea on the head.

What they need is a team of Toby Alderweirelds.

The only real decent thing by Spurs in the whole game was the bust a gut run by Toby to get back and try and save the day after Kane coughed up the ball.

Hell, he didn’t half move and actually showed some desire. Should have had a penalty as well, Rojo with a right fist full of shirt.

That was it, 90 plus minutes of rubbish. All summed up by Kane’s sideways pass, Wanyama’s header sideways when he should have gone for goal, and Dele Alli through on goal, just got to swing his left peg, decides he needs it on his right and before you know it we’re back at the halfway line.

Tweeted at half-time that when Poch looks at his bench, which Tom Carroll didn’t make again, he won’t see anything that’ll make it much better. When he brought Sissoko on I tweeted “game changer”. It was done in a sarcastic manner, yeah I know what are the chances, with the hope it would come and bite me on the arse.

Well it didn’t fully but he did change the game and for the better. Actual running past defenders, instead of into them. Causing problems and playing with some actual pace and forward, to boot.

Played with the spark and pace of the previous two games, this Man U side were there for the taking, I mean Rojo and Jones at the back, Spurs made them look competent.

But no the return of the dither. And again in a weekend when others above Spurs dropped points. Could have gained three on Citeh, two on Liverpool and moved six clear of United.

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