Spurs came to bury Caesar, not to praise


Sky Sports couldn’t hide their disappointment as Spurs derailed they’re celebrations of Chelsea beating the single season winning streak.

They were downbeat at half time and inconsolable at full time, immediately entering a period of mourning as the started the seven stages of grief. Initial shock went into denial as they apparently went ahead with the celebration montage of Chelsea’s run anyway.

Their mood was nicely summed up by match co-commentator Alan Smith when he was asked about how he rated Spurs the winning team were barely mentioned before he went into You have to applaud Chelsea…

Well for another first game of the year Chelsea were just about second best. No it wasn’t the 5-3 thumping a couple of years back this was an exercise in controlled dominance.

Yeah there was a couple of moments early on and in the first few minutes of the second half but with Wanyama having a number of those in blue in his pocket, it was almost comfortable.

So much so that it brought out the real Chelsea. The real Costa. Oh, the nice guy, the good guy, no more tantrums and cards. Well, it’s fine and dandy when they’re playing well and he’s getting chances and scoring. But cut him off and he’s fighting with Pedro and pulling Dier’s lug. Dier’s shrug was that of a man who knew he’d won, much like Tainio point the score out to Drogba in the league cup final.

So why not applaud Spurs Alan? After all they had a perfect Chrimbo schedule, unbeaten three out of three, nine points, ten goals, two against, while all the others around them dropped points at some point.

Every team has a blip in the season, Citeh have had one starting with a defeat to Spurs, this could be Chelsea’s. Spurs had their’s, when they weren’t that crash hot early on, poor performances, no wins, but importantly no losses, so points.

All summed up by Dele. Scorer of two here to make it three games in a row with a brace. He started slowly, looked like he would be struggling with that second album. But only half way through the league season and he’s equalled last seasons league scoring tally, while scoring one more than he did in the whole of the last term.

Add in Eriksen who set up both goals and it’s a similar story.

Just have to keep this winning streak going, it’s at five now, who knows eight more and Sky will be looking for something to celebrate… yes the end of the streak…

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