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Tottenham vs Burnley 1-1 | All goals & Highlights | 28.08.2017

Spurs versus Burnley.

Burnley arrived at Wembley and followed the lead of the previous little team that Spurs faced letting them have the ball, knowing not much will come from it.

There really wasn’t much difference between the two games games Spurs have played at their new home. Pochettino obviously felt Burnley didn’t require as much defending against so there was one more attacking player in Son, who replaced the missing Wanyama.

Attack wise this made absolutely no difference to Spurs, Son was woeful. When he was replaced by Sissoko it was a like for like substitution, though the later showed more than usual. I wouldn’t go as far as some in praising him, I think it was just the general naffness of the other players that made Sissoko look half decent.

Yup, everything that happened with Chelsea happened with Burnley, attacking wise and well sucker punch wise. Spurs didn’t go behind but they never looked like going ahead. Again, all the ball and nowt done with it.

As with the previous games this again led to the rise in the myth of Kyle Walker.

No, again he wouldn’t have made a great deal of difference. Yes he could run back quicker than Trippier for the Burnley equaliser, that’s if he could be bothered – they seem to forget the times he ambled back and then just gave up – and chances are he’d have taken the wrong path and try and grab the Burnley striker than tackle him.

No Trippier and Davies again didn’t do enough going forward. Trippier probably did more than last week but it was far from enough. Again was it any less than Walker-Peters man of the match performance?

Dembele wasn’t as prominent as he was against Chelsea while Eriksen had very little end product. Was there any end product? Chances were there but you just never felt they were gonna put ’em away. The goal summed it up, one decent bit with the flick on from the corner but Dele needed those couple of chances to put it away.

Harry’s August carried on like all Augusts before.

Attempts that from September from May would go in. Would curl inside the far post not go past. Would beat the keeper, not hit him. Well that’s what we’re all clinging to, as that’s the last game of the month.

Like the sucker punch winner last week the sucker punch equaliser – though it looked like it was coming – was the return of the Spursy. The offside flag had saved Spurs a few times, Hugo saved them, haring out of his area. The diagonal hoof was catching them out and it got its reward, two minutes into the four added.

You can outplay Chelsea and lose, you shouldn’t not beat Burnley under the same circumstances. This was very poor, start to finish, all involved…

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