When it ain’t going for ya, it ain’t going for

Leicester city vs Spurs 2-1 Highlights and Goals-28th nov 2017|Spurs Faced a speed breaker


In a week when other teams around them are playing bad and getting lucky, Spurs just can’t catch a break, while being awful.

Another game, another awful performance, another game without three points, another game where a bit of luck would have gone a long way. Spurs lost 2-1 to Leicester but could quite easily have left the midlands with a 4-2 or 5-2 victory.

Things then would have been somewhat different, yeah I know things are always different if you win rather than lose but there’s the old cliche about winning when you’re playing poorly. Much like say Man Utd, who Spurs now trail by 8 points, played really badly at the weekend got that lucky Ashley Young goal – eight points behind a team containing Ashley Young.

Then there’s City, who haven’t had their blip yet but struggled at the weekend and only won due to the ball bouncing off Sterling. I mean how lucky can you get, with the way he runs that ball could have gone anywhere but it ended up in the net. Arsenal get their usual fall over penalty.

Spurs miss sitter after sitter, which isn’t even down to luck, there’s no goals bouncing off Danny Rose’s fat arse and even when he’s taken down in the area he doesn’t get the penalty.

Yes, Spurs you could say Spurs wouldn’t have deserved the victory but they really don’t say that when others struggle and win ugly. Though it was a game of two halves. The first where Spurs didn’t turn up at all. The second where they turned up early but while being better still weren’t good.

First half summed up by Danny Rose, still “fuming” after being left out of the NLD, this performance makes you wonder what he did during that extra training. From the looks of it watching Kyle Walker DVDs. It was a mirror image of Walker, Rose belting down the wing, stopping, lining up a cross and then hitting the ball into the first blue shirted player available.

Everything else was summed up by Sissoko. His miss just minutes after Vardy had opened the scoring was a sign of things to come. Though you expect it of Sissoko, he’s not the Spanish Inquisition, nobody in their right mind expected Sissoko to equalise in that situation.

Vardy’s goal was classic Vardy of a couple of seasons back. Long ball, one touch. It’s also classic kiss of death after praising Sanchez that again he was caught out for it. The second goal was classic Mahrez and wsn’t the first time Vertonghen has been done in that way by the Leicester player. Everyone knows Mahrez is going to come in on his left to have a pop, Jan should know, it happened in the first meeting between the clubs in their title winning season, it happened again here.

We can just cut, copy & paste so many other games where Spurs are behind and face a flat back 10 for the rest of the game and how those in white went about it. You know, just like last time. Nothing really changed with the first two substitutions, though Son was lively. No it was on the 77th minute when some new bloke appeared out of nowhere. Lamela, is his name apparently.

His third touch saw a ball through the home defence for Harry to slam in the goal.

It was different because it was done at pace. A nice through ball by Son to Lamela who controlled it with his right and immediately played the ball through with his left. Quick, one touch stuff, well two but it’s along the same lines and exactly what I said after the West Brom match.

It’s been a while for the Argentinian and he looked hungry, repeatedly shouting for the ball. It no doubt had his haters in meltdown. Can it give the team the lift they need? He came on for Eriksen who looks spent. The Dane has started every league game, well damn near every game and since his World Cup qualifier hat-trick has air of a man who sees any other game as a bit of an anticlimax. He missed a sitter from 6 yards out that pre-Ireland and in Ireland he would have slammed home.

Eriksen is one part of a general malaise that’s hit the club all at one time, along with Toby’s absence with injury, Dele’s drop off in form and his agent changes, Harry’s injury which you feel he’s not over yet, Pochetinno’s book, Rose and his moaning to get out of the club, Llorente not being able to hit the backside of a donkey with a banjo – he missed another sitter.

A victory maybe would have glossed over some of these issues. The fact that they really could have won quite comfortably suggests it could be fixed quite easily, but can they do it? Or is it just time to concentrate on the cups and see what happens in the league and maybe get lucky…

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