Where have all the good times

Manchester City Vs Tottenham Hotspur - 4 : 1 EPL Highlights & Goals ( 16 December 2017 )


So Spurs didn’t stop City in their tracks like last season, well, if we didn’t already know this isn’t last season. Saturday was not a fun evening for Spurs and Pochettino.

It was 4-1 in the end, it could have been worse… which really makes it worse.

Four goals conceded and Hugo saved the day, it’s not a good look. Facing City with Toby, Sanchez and Wanyama is not a good look either. People questioning Dembele after a nothing performance. Is he just still unfit after his injury or is he gone, well the best we’ve seen of the Belgian is when he’s had a big stopper next to him. The early days under AVB when it was Sandro, then with Dier and Wanyama. Dembele and Winks is not the same combination.

Dier being shifted about doesn’t help him, while Dele should be shifted back or to the bench. No one seems to notice that really his best has come when he’s deeper in the midfield rather than as a number ten but then most will just focus in on the tackle. That tackle. It’s funny how with other players as soon as they put in a bad challenge but have slightly touched the ball then they’ve got the ball and that’s all that counts. Dele, it’s a different matter.

On the other hand, the other way round and yes all Spurs supporters are screaming for a red card. It might have been the best for him and the team, he’s not the same player, as I said playing as an 8 instead of 10 may help but three games suspended in the Champions League helped there. Poch needs to serious have a word with him.

While focusing in on tackles by Dele and Harry the media of course completely gloss over the kick in the face Harry received from Otamendi. Kane’s tackle on Sterling was a mistimed effort for the ball and nothing else, Dele has previous, Kane doesn’t. And the striker certainly wasn’t stooping when he got the City defender’s boot in his ace.

City down to 10, who knows it might have only been 3-1.

As I’m currently focusing on poor officiating, Winks, should he have gone down under the same type of challenge in the box that got City a penalty? Is his staying up the only thing that stopped the spot kick from being given?

That “chance” came from one of the only bits of decent play Spurs showed all game and it came from the substitute Lamela. He got to the byline, cut the ball back and it could have been a goal. How many times do they see it work and then never repeat it?

Other than that and the late consolation there was nowt. Harry isolated, players coughing the ball up with ease, players exposed – Trippier get dogs abuse but got no help – players disappearing – is Eriksen saving himself for the World Cup? Players playing themselves into trouble. That fannying about at the back malarkey, Christ it was like watching England at times.

Though their luck held up as City spurned open chances, the missed penalty for one and should have had another penalty with Rose’s push in the back.

Even worse is the myth of Kyle Walker rearing it’s ugly head – he wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference – as well as the ugly head of Raheem Sterling. Dwayne Dibbley and his stupid running style.

Yeah that makes it worse, so much worse. So, in the end Spurs did what every other team, bar one, that’s face Citeh in the league, they lost.

Well, can concentrate on the cups now…

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