Last of the classic Motorhead

Motörhead - Ace Of Spades (Official Video)


Sad news about the death, last week, of “Fast” Eddie Clarke aged 67, the last of the classic trio line-up of Motorhead.

The Three Amigos of Lemmy on bass and vocals, “Philthy Animal” Taylor on drums – both who died in 2015 – and “Fast” Eddie Clarke wasn’t the original Motorhead line-up but it was the classic one.

The one that recorded the original albums, from the self titled debut in ’77 through “Overkill” (1979), “Bomber” (1979), “Ace of Spades” (1980), “No Sleep ’til Hammersmith” (1981) to “Iron Fist” (1982).

The classic line-up that brought you music faster, heavier, louder, dirtier than anyone had done before, metal, speed, thrash it was all just rock and or roll. They released a load of albums, some good ‘uns, after Clarke left the band, was it in protest of the E.P. with the Plasmatics or the fallout from the their last album together, “Iron Fist”, Clarke’s production of which apparently Lemmy didn’t care for, but the classic line-up had the classic tracks that they kept on playing for years after Clarke’s departure.

I mean when you see Motorhead on The Young Ones they’re playing the “Ace of Spades”…

All the obits for Clarke will tell you that he then went on to form Fastaway with Pete Way from UFO. Most don’t mention Way never recorded with the band after he couldn’t get out of his current contract, he joined up with Ozzy instead. But Fastaway went on in a very 1980s hair metal fashion throughout that decade, probably culminating in them doing the soundtrack to the cheesy horror flick “Trick or Treat”.

But it’ll mainly be those early Motorhead albums Clarke is best remembered for

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