A one nil

THE ARCHIVE | SPURS 1-0 ARSENAL | Kane’s derby delight!


I don’t know what game Arsene Wenger or his players were watching when they claimed to have been in control of the North London Derby, everyone else say his expensively assembled mob have their arses handed to them.

One nil was flattering, very flattering. Wenger claimed it was only his players profligacy in front of goal that stopped his side winning. No.

It was Spurs’ players and their profligacy that kept the visitors in with any hope of getting anything and if they had it would have been thoroughly undeserved. By the time they had their first attempt on goal Harry Kane should have had at least a hat-trick, maybe even four.

By the time their second costliest player ballooned one shot over the bar and then missed another glaring chance, with a pair of pitiful, barely bothered efforts, they should have been nothing more than consolation goals for a team on the wrong end of a cricket score, with their goalkeeper the only player who could legitimately hold his head up going off the pitch.

Wenger’s expensively assembled front line barely managed to get into the Spurs area, while his expensively assembled defence barely managed to stop attacks, especially in the second half, as Spurs finally managed to overcome one of those little teams that come to Wembley with little or no ambition.

The midfield that Wenger packed to stifle Spurs creativity was basically handled by Dembele’s step and glide.

Dele, Son and Eriksen were running rings around that mob, with plenty of help from the fullbacks and the odd charge up the pitch by Vertonghen.

By the time Harry opened the scoring he should have been on a brace. Missing one pretty easy chance for him with a header, as he said last week against Liverpool, you don’t give him a second opportunity but they did. The impressive Ben Davies put in the perfect cross, turned the lace away.

Kane had another header shortly after that he should have done better with, for what then would have been the hat-trick. A pile driver of a volley a little later unfortunately found Cech. As did Trippier with a good chance, while Dele poked wide and other chances came and went as everyone was thinking… “they’re gonna regret spurning these chances”.

It could have come with those tow late chances and then a last second free-kick, which Ozil took much to most peoples surprise… who knew he was playing? Apparently Aubameyang was on the pitch as well, well he’s used to losing to Spurs this season, third time now.

That chance came in the 4th minute of added time, where four minutes came from nobody knows. With five substitutions adding up to two and a half minutes there was no other stoppages it was non stop action.

Action which didn’t finish once the final whistle went. What followed was the most glorious part of the day as poor little short arse syndrome, mouth open tongue out Wilshere was led away with tears in his eyes after being put in his place by Lamela. Even the Lamela haters loved that. That smile at Wilshere, priceless.

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