You have to congratulate Pep Guardiola on spending half a billion


And in doing so making the 212 and 2014 league champions the 2018 league champions. Bitter? Me? No.Spurs rolled over to help Man City on the way to their title, again.

Don’t know what they were doing, the Spurs players, I don’t know if they know what they were doing. It seemed they just wanted to give City players the ball and all the time and space they wanted to do something with the ball.

Spurs were trying to make City look as good as everyone keeps bleating about them being. They’re not. I mean Spurs were utter rubbish and yet still went in at the break in the game. If Spurs had played like they can, like they did when they blew United away, on the front foot, actually passing to each other and concentrating in defence, pressing and working as a pack.

But no, like so many teams this season they just capitulated and made City look better than they are, in a fortnight when they’ve been shown to be not as great as everyone in the media would have you believe.

Half a billion quid and Guardiola is a genius. He’s spent nearly a billion at the three clubs he’s managed, while inheriting a hell of a lot of pretty good players – Xavi, Iniesta, Mess at Barca. Robben, Ribery, Muller, Lahm, Neuer, Lewandowski at Munich. Silva, Kompany at City along with Aguero, who is one of those players he seemingly wanted rid of from the start but would end up being instrumental in his success, like Eto’o.

So he turned the club who have been champions twice in the last in the last few years, into champions again, with a huge spend. After his great success of turning the treble winning Munich side into double winners, never getting to a Champions league final. While winning a myriad of titles at Barca, a t team that was winning titles a couple of years before he took over.

The genius Guardiola who redefined football had to rely on a classic bit of route one, long ball, for City’s opener. It was pure Allardyce or Pulis. Hump down the park from Kompany and Jesus finished it. Nobody else involved.

He also has a bit of luck in him. City’s second goal. Apparently now it’s a penalty if the foul occurs outside the box. Hugo definitely caught Sterling but over the line. But of course John Moss is too fat and unfit to be a professional referee so couldn’t stay up with play and guessed, incorrectly, that it was a penalty.

While at the other end Lamela was taken out in the City area and Moss waves play on.

Eriksen bundled one in to go in at the break just a goal down. But they didn’t do much in the second half to get level, never mind win it while that tart Sterling followed up his howling miss by getting the third. There’s another piece of Guardiola’s miracle work, I mean if you read about Sterling you wouldn’t know he’d scored a couple of decent goals and a load of tap-ins from six yards or less, while also missing a load of open goals from the same distance.

Lucas Moura came on in the 73 minute, Stu on Twitter tweeted that he’d been on for 10-15 minutes and been Spurs best attacking player. Shortly after he came on there was a City corner, which Moura headed away the ball far outside the Spurs area. Not only was Spurs best attacker, he was the best defender.

So, lost to the champions, the first league game they’ve lost since they last played ’em. First league loss of 2018, first league loss at home since the first home game of the season, only third loss at home in all competitions. There is all that the figure in but the way they played, how poor they were, they deserve the pelters for this one. Could have been a good statement game. They just have to do what they have been doing after defeats and that’s go on a decent run of results.

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