Hello Spursy, my old friend

West Bromwich Albion 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League - May 5th, 2018

I’ve come to talk with you again.

Because a vision softly creeping. Left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain. Still remains… fifth place.

Spurs have two fixtures left and have a top four place in their own hands but the way they’ve just packed up over the last couple of months you have to wonder if they’re gonna blow it.

Newcastle and Leicester are the next two. Both of them have really packed it up for the season, Newcastle as soon as their top flight status was secured, seeing them lose their last three games, while the champions of two seasons ago have just one league win in their last ten, to go with six losses and three draws.

On paper, at home, Spurs should win those two, but then they should have won against West Brom and not have been stuffed by the already relegated Newcastle in the final fixture two seasons ago.

West Brom, said they would be dangerous if Spurs didn’t take them seriously and well.

Fannying about again doesn’t get the desired result. Spurs can play about with the ball but Ben Foster had very little to do in the home goal. Of course when he did have something to do he put on a typical going in the highlight reel performance. The save from Wanyama’s curler and Kane, when clean through, were just typical of the saves he pulls out against Spurs.

Other than that and an Eriksen shot, what was there. Just the usual rubbish we’ve seen of late, with all the same mistakes. Trippier repeatedly coming inside when in acres of space gets tiresome very quickly. Everything crammed in the middle against a team that have rediscovered the art of mass Pulis defence, was never gonna work.

Poch could see it wasn’t working and didn’t do enough to change things. Waiting again past the hour before making a substitution which in true Poch fashion was a head scratcher. Yes, Son on, makes sense but Dele off. Why? Why was Lamela still on? He departed ten minutes later to be replaced by Moura. Who again in a cameo performance was the best Spurs player on the pitch.

The little Brazilian committed West Brom players, making them foul him. Bringing one challenge from McClean that was fortunate for the home side to only be a yellow. He’s a scummy player and won’t be lost if they’re relegated. Neither really will West Brom, they are for the most part just Stoke in blue and well nobody is really gonna miss Stoke now they’re down. Yes the four nil thrashings were fun but you just hope the scummy players they have aren’t sold to any PL sides. Charlie Adam etc.

As for the winner, well weren’t that Spursy. It either came off a Spurs player or an ex Spurs player, in a awful goal mouth stramash on one of the very few occasions they got out of their own half. I mean they had to win, had to score, to stay up a goalless draw wasn’t good enough and they didn’t exactly do that and yet they still scored, while Spurs had the ball and didn’t.

It’s something you can see coming in the next two games… one nervous side, two sides with nowt to play for…

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