Spurs finally go home

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Crystal Palace - Premier League - April 3rd, 2019

just in time.

Nearly two years of Wembley have finally ended and Spurs are back in their brand spanking new stadium, when they need it the most to lift a season that was petering out.

Firstly we have to thank god for who ever it was in officialdom that restricted the “opening ceremony” to just ten minutes… just it seemed like hours… whoa re these people… why is the Go Compare bloke singing?

Palace fans going on about “fake manufactured shit”, yeah those Palace fans… The Glaziers not The Eagles.

Well the new place deserved better than Palace being the visitors. Dull Roy and his dull side coming to defend. Just standing there watching Spurs pass the ball sideways.

Poch went with the oddball choice of Danny Rose playing wide left, ahead of Davies at left-back. You think the only reason can to be have been to make a point to the not only watching Levy but the man sat next to him, owner Joe Lewis.

Poch saying “this is it, this is what I’m reduced to, a bloke that was a winger, now is a fullback, can’t really do either now… especially crossing the ball… give me some money, let me buy someone.”

Most of the game seemed to be about who would score the first goal at the new stadium. You could tell Harry wanted it, wanted it badly. He has a sense of history does old H. As he made sure free-kicks in and around the are were solely his domain. Trippier and Eriksen shunted away. Others were trying to play Kane in as well, when maybe the best option would have been to have a go themselves.

I never did find out what the odds were for Sissoko to be the first scorer… for or against Spurs. The crowd were shouting for him to shoot every time he picked up the ball.

In the end it took until ten minutes into the second half for the goal to come. Harry would have been the choice of many to score it but Son scores important goals and this was the opener for the game and technically the winning goal, so it was fitting that one this important to go to the man with the smile.

Eriksen won the ball… I know… and played it out to Son on the right, he cut in and shot, yeah I know there was a deflection but who cares?

It maybe a new stadium but some things stay the same for Spurs and most people were probably thinking what H was tweeting…

Chances came and were being spurned. Harry should have scored that glorious chance he had, to not hit the target was poor. He helped make the second, Son played it to Harry wide left, jinking into the box he was taken down for a penalty but the ref played on and Eriksen was first to pounce on the free ball.

They had a chance later on… well, they had Benteke… so even an open goal probably can’t be marked down as a real chance.

It wasn’t the greatest game ever. It wasn’t Spurs at their best under Pochettino. It was a win. A much, much needed win. Finally off that 60/61 – there’s irony – points. First win in six games and back up to third, after they’d dropped down and could have ended up out of the top four.

But the team needs refreshed and Pochettino basically said what I posted about after the last game, this is the end of the beginning. The new stadium is the start of a new chapter…

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