For May the Fourth, Spurs came as

Bournemouth 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League - May 4th, 2019

Jar Jar Binks.

Spurs end of season implosion continued in spectacular style in losing two men and one goal to Bournemouth but they still managed to come out of the weekend holding onto a top four place, which they shouldn’t lose.

It could have been all so different. Going in at the break, Spurs could have been well ahead but weren’t and not for the reason many were claiming.

Yes, most keepers have their career highlight against Spurs and the Bournemouth keeper on his Premier League debut was having was getting it in early. But while he made the saves, he wasn’t having a worldie, no it was Spurs just shooting right at him. It was just like the Man United game when they kept shooting at de Gea and they nicked it one nil.

The game changed just before the break. When Son was sent off for pushing over Lerma. It was so unlike Son, during his time in England and finger can be squarely pointed at Lerma for his reaction and the red. Not ten minutes erarlier the Bournemouth player had deliberately take Son out with a shoulder charge to Son’s chest, which the ref saw and ignored…

Then after fighting for the ball, Son is penalised, frustrated, he picks up the ball only for Lerma to come in punch him in the back and go to stamp on his hand and when Son reacts, Lerma goes down screaming like a little girl…

They claim Dier was lucky not to go off. Well, the challenge for what they claim should ahve been his second yellow, the ball flew off at such a speed and angle it looked like only Dier could have got a touch on it. And as for the penalty shout, you go to kick the ball and someone steps in front of you not going for the ball… well, I’m guessing the pundits wouldn’t be shouting penalty at the other end.

Anyway Dier was taken off a the break. That’s how bad things were, so bad that Poch made two changes at the break. It really worked a treat, taking Toby off – who was on a yellow – for Foyth. Three minutes in and the Argentinian was departing. A charge up the field he ended up chasing the ball and went sliding in out of control. No real doubt about this one.

They almost held out. Almost… but then were done a great favour by Chris Hughton and his Brighton. I said when they recently played Spurs it was tedious stuff from Hughton’s side. This performance showed what they can do when they try and they got a point out of, which they didn’t against Spurs. Yes I know, it was a different situation on Sunday when they knew they were safe from relegation, but maybe if they’d played like that they wouldn’t have had to worry about the drop.

Spurs are down to fourth three points ahead of Woolwich but with an 8 goal advantage in the goal difference. Though is there a Spurs fan who doesn’t think they can still blow that…

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