Spurs stroll in the sunshine


for a lesser spotted draw.

Spurs doubled the number of the times they drew in the Premier League in what was for the most part an end of season stroll about in the sunshine against Everton.

There wasn’t much riding on this game, though a victory would have moved Spurs back up to the third spot they’ve occupied for most of the season, and for most of this game it showed.

Poch put out all he could put out. So Dier was in the centre back pairing, Walker-Peters was at right-back and Lamela further up the pitch.

It was Lamela that started things a couple of minutes in with a corner that actually beat the defenders. I know, it was a shock to the system. It obviously took Llorente by surprise as he duffed his header, for it to fall at the feet of Dier, who slammed home his third goal of the season.

What to do with big Eric? He has certainly fallen back this season but some of that is more to do with game time being lost to illness. But it’s actually been a couple of seasons, since Roy Hodgson got hold of him and then Mourinho tried to tap him up, he’s not been the same. He wants to be in the midfield, Poch thinks he’ll make a better centre-back. Well, if/when Toby leaves the latter could be his best, if not only option for game time at the club.

It was pre… post season friendly territory now, Spurs were first to everything and Everton let them play on the front foot, in a way Spurs haven’t played for so long in the league. It all went along like that until about the 70th minute.

When Walnut had the greatest moment of his footballing life, scoring at the new White Hart Lane, to equalise. An actual important goal for him, makes a change from the fourth in a four nil victory stat padder. Then three minutes later the visitors had the lead. From a corner Hugo made two saves before the ball was bundled over the line.

The lead last just another three minutes before we saw the miracle of the new stadium.

Not only did we see Eriksen beat the wall with a free-kick, we saw him score from the free-kick. An actual goal, from a free-kick, directly. It’s over three and a half years since Eriksen scored from a fee-kick in the league. He scored two against Swansea in a 2-2 draw in October 2015. Is it the last thing we’ll see him do at the new stadium… well, last thing for Spurs?

And there’s your league season. Fourth. A lot of losses, two draws and a bit of luck from those just below.

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