The Jose charm offensive continues

EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 3-2 AFC BOURNEMOUTH | Dele’s double and Sissoko’s first at new stadium!

From saying all the right things, to inviting the ballboy who helped midweek to breakfast with the players and to sit by the bench for this game – an invitation that apparently is being extended to all the boys and girls – not calling out the players, Jose is doing his best not to repeat those mistakes, most notably at his last club.

He seemed permanently angry at Man United, straight from the off. Three victories in his first three games may have smoothed him out a bit but again Spurs made heavy work of it and if that doesn’t stop we might see a bit more of the scowling Jose.

But then if he works the miracle he did in the victory over Bournemouth.

Spurs started a bit slowly again, thankfully Bournemouth tactical genius Eddie Howe – the 2019 Alan Curbishley – had obviously instructed his side to take long shots at Gazzaniga. Must have listened to the midweek commentators who criticised the keeper’s position for the first Olympiacos goal. Jose had made some changes for this game, again not wholesale but just the three.

Three players were starting their first games under Jose. Jan at left-back – though he shifted into a back three when things got fluid – Ndombele alongside Dier, in place of Winks, in a more defensive role than he’s probably played, while Sissoko came in for Moura.

It took a bit for Spurs to rally get into things, they were a bit sloppy to begin with again. Just over 20 minutes it clicked, when Toby pinged one of those glorious long balls of his, from just the Spurs goal side of the centre circle, straight to the edge of their box, where Son took the ball, playing it into the path of Dele for him to slide it under the keeper.

Why bother fannying about when you can do a bit of the old route one.

spurs had started to tick, some nice build up play saw Harry go close with a near post shot. From a corner the first miracle of the day almost ended up with Sanchez scoring from a Sissoko assist, until VAR stepped in. Ndombele’s corner ended up at the back post with Son he cut it back to Sissoko on the edge of the D, he clipped the ball through his legs with his right to then have a shot with his left. Having a bang of a shot, that didn’t fly over the bar, the ball was blocked by Sanchez, dropping he banged it home but the ball had hit his arm in the process so was chalked off.

That turn and shot from Sissoko… we haven’t really seen that before. I mean a shot on target… rare as rocking horse shit.

It took until the second half for the next goal and it was almost a case of wash, rinse, repeat. Toby again with a long range ping, from about the same spot but this time it was all Dele on the other end. Taking the ball down with his chest, pinpoint control while holding off two defenders, he then chipped it perfectly over the keeper. A glorious goal.

We really have our Dele back and as Jose has basically has been saying it ain’t rocket science. Dele plays best between their defence and midfield, in a floating role, so he has to be playing between Spurs’ midfield and strikers. And that’s where Mourinho has put him. And so you get three goals in three games.

It was another 20 minutes before – the needed – third. The real miracle of Tottenham. Some nice build up saw Dele play the ball into space for the charging Son. A first time cross was heading for Aurier at the back post before Sissoko intervened. Leaping he got his right foot around the ball and side footed a volley.

You could tell be the players reaction that they almost couldn’t believe it. The fans certainly couldn’t. Now if Jose can do this.

If only he could work a miracle on Spurs’ defence. For the third straight game they conceded two goals. Two games in the PL they’ve been three up and cruising only for two late goals creating a bit of last gasp panic.

You can’t give away free-kicks in and around the box if Wilson is on the pitch for Bournemouth. Now if Eriksen could get some lessons from the kid. A perfect kick, Gazzaniga didn’t have a chance.

Their second came from a Spurs substitute. Winks, unfortunately brought on for Dele well into added time. He blocked the ball out for a throw, then turned his back and meandered off not paying attention to what was going on. A quick throw and the ball goes down the line, crossed into the box and Wilson gets his second.

They should have killed the game off, as with the Wet Spam match. There was chances spurned, good chances. Dele should have walked off with the match ball but fluffed his hat-trick chances.

Still, it’s a victory, it’s another three points and it’s now 5th place in the league compare to 14th just a few days and two games ago. Goals may be being conceded but are being scored the players look happy and as if they’ve bought into what Jose wants, so far.

One of the big ones for Jose coming up next. Away to his previous club, Man United. Now if he pulls off a result there, he really will be all smiles

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