Spurs respond to a kick up the arse

EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 5-0 BURNLEY | Kane, Lucas, Son and Sissoko all score goals!

from Jose.

AKA Where were you on Wednesday? AKA Life without Winks looks good. Spurs bounced back from Jose’s first defeat with a thumping victory over Burnley.

Jose wasn’t happy with the Spurs players reactions in the dressing room after the midweek defeat at Old Trafford. The players were glum. Jose wanted them to be angry.

Jose got the response he wanted. Spurs were on it from the off, playing the fast, front foot, go forward game that helped bring the three victories before that first defeat. Jose also helped himself, with the starting XI. Now midweek they said Winks was fit for the game but he didn’t make the match day squad.

A lot of people noticed how better Spurs were in a Winks free environment. A lot of people coming round to the fact that he does nothing but hinder the team.

Under Jose Harry Kane as seen a return to form, his three goals though have been overshadowed by the return of the real Dele. Here Kane was set to be the player to talk about with two goals and an assist, especially with his first goal being such a cracker.

Just four minutes in the scorer of just tap-ins and penalties, Kane took a knock back from Son, from a long ball out of defence, took the ball on a few yards and then let one fly from about 25 yards out. He hasn’t been scoring many like this recently but it was pure Harry of old.

It took just five more minutes for the lead to be doubled. Wasn’t exactly a piece of beauty. A nice run by Son, his attempted cross ballooned up for Dele to nod it on and Moura to tap in at the back post.

The lead could have been increased a few times. One of them Kane picked up the ball after Dier had won it, in his own half, he played it off to Sissoko, he put in a lovely pass to Son. The Frenchman had continued his up field gallop and received the ball back from Son, his shot hit the post. If you take out his goal last week this was probably the best attempt Sissoko has had for Spurs.

The other gilt edge chance might have been chalked off for Dele being offside in the build up. Moot point as he dithered enough when through on goal to allow the defender to take the ball off him.

Another 20 odd minutes and Kane’s day was overshadowed. Earlier Son had been taken out with a blatant foul by Lowton. Knocking the ball past the defender the Burnley man just stepped into Son’s path, putting the shoulder in. Son got his revenge. Burnley had their attacks, had their chances, his moment came from one of those attacks. From a long ball, Vertonghen won it in the area, knocking the ball onto Son, who was just outside the area.

Son was then off. Two Burnley players chasing him, others in front coming towards him, they met at the halfway line and he ran through them, past another, another tries as he’s in the Burnley box before putting the ball past Pope, from about the penalty spot.

Well, there’s your goal of the week. Month. Season.

Goal of the month so far: 1. Son vs Burnley. 2. Dele vs Man U. 3. Kane vs Burnley.

Yes, as I said, Burnley had chances but it looked like Spurs were gonna score every time they went through ’em. Poor old Sean Dyche, apparently his team don’t know how to foul. That, according to him, is the reason Son scored. Yes his bunch of cloggers don’t know how to kick players. We believe you Sean. If the last man had done so, he would have been off, imagine the whining coming from Dyche if that happened. I hate Dyche.

Kane got his second about 10 minutes into the second half. He matched Son with it, as he’d been injured earlier, with a Burnley player landing on his ankle. Dier had played the ball onto Dele, who was fouled and the ball fell to Harry, who took it into the box, cut inside and smacked it in the top corner, while swinging himself off his feet.

It was a while before the fifth. You wait two years for a Sissoko goal and two come along in a week. Much like his attempt that hit the post earlier it was mostly Sissoko’s own work. Picking up the ball midway in his own half, he went on a gallop until about halfway inside their half he played the ball off to Kane. Triangles. One-twos. How many times have I said it? Well Harry played it straight back and Sissoko was through on goal and he put it away.

It’s the type of situation where previously he’d balloon the ball into row Z. Jose really is the miracle worker.

All smiles and delight after getting things back on track. Jose calls Son Sonaldo and says he’s man-of-the-match. Harry agrees, saying Son stole his thunder. Dele was quite, though two assists. And three kids got some game time. And a lot of people don’t want to see Winks on the team-sheet again.

Five goals a a clean sheet. This boring, park the bus stuff of Jose Mourinho isn’t for Spurs.

I did say I don’t like Sean Dyche, didn’t I…

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