Will Sir Geoffrey be back

Last of the Summer Wine - Clegg - Sacked Boycott

on the telly or radio?

It was announced the other day that the BBC hadn’t renewed Sir Geoff Boycott’s contract for TMS.

The reason that the BBC gave was his age (79), recent health problems (cancer and heart attack) with the new regulations in the Covid19 era.

All very well but you know they were just itching for any excuse to get Sir Geoff out of the comm box. It was a great shock they brought him back 14 years ago.

This was no great shock, especially when you look at what they are doing with cricket on the Beeb. Boxes need ticked.

And after his newspaper column about it I doubt Sir Geoff will be brought back into the fold anytime soon. Mustn’t go against the BBC script and Geoff telling it how it is, that certain individuals haven’t done it so can’t comment on it won’t have gone down well with those BBC types.

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