Looks like Nuno did learn from the first leg

Tottenham v Pacos de Ferreira - Second Leg | Highlights | 2021 | UEFA Europa Conference League

and he might be taking it seriously.

Spurs got through their qualifier for the Europa Conference League, with a three nil victory over Pacos de Ferreira, thanks to you know who and Nuno seeing the error of his ways.

Gone from the staring XI were the youngsters from the first leg, Nuno also switched back to a back four, from the three played in the loss a week earlier. Staying in were the new boys and senior players from last time, with the addition of Dier, Moura and Kane, making his first start of the season.

And within 20 seconds he’d almost bagged his first goal of the season.

A lovely ball from Romero, Kane took down brilliantly but couldn’t find the net. It didn’t take him long to make amends. Less than 10 minutes on the clock when something miraculous happened. Winks actually went into a tackle and won the ball, didn’t give away a foul, then he actually played the ball forward and not just that to a Spurs player as well. End of days people, end of days.

Gil was that player, making a great run into space, cut back to Kane, who got it out of his feet and past the keeper. It’s a beginning to getting everyone back on side. Not everyone is happy clappy.

Gil’s first assist. He was Spurs best player in the first game and looked sharp in this game, with better players around him and a target to aim for, in Kane.

Spurs had numerous chances to get ahead in the tie, with a far more coherent display of actually passing to each other. The lead did come just after the half hour. It started with Lo Celso, who had a far better game than last week, pressing on a poor throw out by the keeper, a few touches later and it was with Gil again, he played it through to Harry, he had a bang that was blocked, which again was chased down by Lo Celso, knocking it back, he eventually played it to Kane who again finished it off, like he hasn’t missed a trick.

For another 35 minutes I kept thinking they need that third, as it would be right Spursy to go out on away goals after a howler but of course as soon as they scored it I remembered that UEFA had abolished the away goal rule from this season.

After some nice play on the right, the ref, who had a bad game – third rate competition, third rate officials – finally gave a free-kick for about the fifth foul on Moura. It looked like Lo Celso was going for a sneaky near post job, when the Pacos player intervened and nodded it past his keeper.

With a one goal lead Nuno had made one change, Hojbjerg for Sessegnon – the youngster, while not outstanding, did look far less lost than he did last week. With a two goal lead Nuno made three more changes and none of them were youngsters coming on. It was Dele, Son and Bergwijn. Son and Bergwijn could have extended the lead.

Looks like Nuno is getting serious about it. The group was drawn and they’ll play Rennes, Vitesse and NS Mura. You don’t know how tough it’ll be but on the plus side they are having to go far afield, with trips to France, the Netherlands and Slovenia. I was expecting trips to the outer reaches of what UEFA thinks is Europe.

And if all that wasn’t good news… then it looks like Sissoko might be off… just Winks to go…

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