No one really wanted to watch Spurs against Burnley

Mura vs Tottenham (2-1) | Spurs shocked by Slovenian champs! | Europa Conference League Highlights

not even people from Dallas.

Thankfully after the midweek European debacle Spurs were spared fresh embarrassment with the game against Burnley postponed due to snow.

I’d been left so shell-shocked by the ineptness of Spurs performance in the Europa Conference League, where they lost to a team no one had ever heard of before the first meeting in this competition, that by the next day I’d forgotten it happened and so did post anything about it.

It didn’t put me in the mood for Burnley away, was quite happy when it was called, the only bright spot was that Conte wasn’t going to start Winks. Though you don’t know what the teams will be like come the rescheduled fixture. Burnley, apparently, were missing a few but then Spurs might be in a better position mentally.

Could it have been any worse than Mura away?

A game in which Conte fielded first teamers, players who were bought to be first teams and some that used to be valued regulars. All of whom failed miserably. All pointing to Paratici and Conte needing to shift a lot of bodies.

Both fullbacks on the night didn’t cover themselves in glory. Doherty has been a washout since his arrival, while Sessegnon’s stupid red, for two stupid yellows – especially that second, I mean he was going nowhere, on the touchline, there was no need to lunge in – won’t have endeared him to the manager who was talking about the player being the first on the team sheet for this game. So two new fullbacks needed to push the first choice pair.

Both goals came from the same situation, down the Spurs left, a slip and then Sanchez is left floundering by a cut inside. Sanchez must be gone shortly, there’s just too many mistakes. So one if not two new centre-backs required if Conte doesn’t figure Rodon – he was brought off before the hour and I mean we can’t go on with Davies, either at centre-back or fullback. Don’t know if Gollini should survive, there is talk of Man U offloading Dean Henderson, which would be an excellent option. Especially as they need to up the home-grown numbers.

Ndombele didn’t make it to the end of the game, again, though he did get past the hour, it wasn’t an inspiring performance. More creativity in the middle is required. Gil looks lost, but that’s not surprising with his stop start season of ECL games, where the team don’t seem bothered and less than an hour in the league.

Dele’s gone hasn’t he? We’re never gonna get back what we used to have. Sorry Dele, but I’m guessing you’ll end up in Newcastle shortly. It’s such a shame, those injuries and I think the upper body bulking up that took place during those injuries and maybe that laziness in training Jose complained about.

Sad end.

Kane scored a decent gaol but again does he look really bothered? Moura comes on and does his headless chicken routine. Has Sonny looked happy since Kane came back. I mean Son signed a new deal, came in on time, scored the winner against City and then Kane stumped up, he hasn’t been the same.

So to get through to a knockout stage Spurs have to beat their league leaders, Rennes, any other result and they could finish third, behind Vitesse and would that be a bad thing?

Forget the Bill Nich quotes about Europe, would getting out now and having a clear midweek not be the better option. Give Conte that time, without travel all over Eastern Europe for a competition they don’t seem to be bothered about. Focus on the important things… like playing Burnley…

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