Spurs finally win two games on the trot

Heung-min Son hits brace! | Tottenham 3-1 West Ham | Premier League Highlights

in 2022.

Much to the annoyance of the media, Spurs won West ham’s Cup Final, and even though it looked tight at one point, did so with some ease and the 3-1 scoreline did not flatter.

There were times, in the second half, when Spurs seemed to be doing that Spurs thing of sitting back on a one goal lead, hoping to see out the game but while doing that they looked dangerous on the break and in defence where they usually cough up an equaliser in such circumstances here they restricted West ham to one solitary shot on target all game and that was their earlier goal.

It was a performance built on three new players and three old timers.

The defensive strength came from one new and one old. Romero and Dier. They’re proving quite the partnership, in a back three. Romero was the eye-catcher in this game, but Dier is a steadying influence back there. Even though they did concede another from a set piece. Romero was in at ’em all game.

The other four standouts comprised of two new Bentancur and Kulusevski, and the two standard oldies, Son and Kane. Of course with Spurs there’s the other player who is third on their lost of top scorers this season. And he contributed the first.

Kane ran through the Wet Spam defence, his cross was for Son at the near post but he missed it, only for the Cat Kicker to knee it into his own goal. As said own goals, with 10, are the third top scorer for Spurs in all competitions this season.

The second, a quarter of an hour later, was a thing of beauty. As I’ve said, many times before, Spurs look so much better when they just go forward with minimal touches and intent. And so it was when Bentancur took the ball in his own half, a turn and pass to Kane was exquisite, Kane turned and with a pass that was even better put it through the defence onto Son’s foot, he got the ball out of his feet then thumped it past the keeper.

The TV commentators were creaming themselves a little later, desperate for a repeat last seasons comeback by the visitors, when they got one back. More poor defending at a corner. No one at the back post and Sonny let the scorer go.

From there they could have got back into it, as Spurs kept fluffing their chances but the visitors didn’t register another shot on target and as much as the media were willing it on, it didn’t come. So when the third went in it really was over.

Real go forward, no fannying about, one touch stuff. Route one, you would say. Hump up the park by Hugo, nod on by Kane and Son is through and bangs it through the keeper. He’s been frustrating this season Son, hit and miss, but you can’t leave him out or take him off early because of the hits, like this and his first goal.

Back to back wins. First time this year and it moved them above the Spam and United into 5th, having played the same amount of games as the latter and one fewer than the former. There’s always one team that punches above their weight, has dreams of top four and Europe then drops off as they’re found out, Leicester previous seasons, Moyes’ side this time?

A break now, for one I’m not displeased about Dier not getting an England call up, yes he deserves to but knowing our luck he’d get injured.

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