When Spurs do it with intent

Rampant Spurs go fourth in the Premier League! | Tottenham 5-1 Newcastle | Premier League Highlights

this is the outcome.

Another poor team were put to the sword but Conte’s Spurs, as more goals rained in, taking Spurs into the top four as the top scoring Premier League team of 2022 so far.

The win one, lose one cycle has truly ended with the third straight league victory, as Spurs showed that when they do things with intent and don’t fanny about they can put on a show. Even if was another relegation fodder team they did it to.

The last 5 victories have seen Spurs knock in 19 goals, for the loss of just 2.

The latest of those two goals conceded should have come as no real shock to any Spurs fan, when Newcastle took the lead near half time, after being under the cosh for most of the first half. Eddie Howe might put that pained, near tears, expression on and talk his side up but before they scored, his side should have been behind.

It was typical Spurs. Too much slow play and fannying about and when they did create chances, they missed ’em. So you knew the minute Sonny gave away the free-kick on the edge of the box, 40 minutes in, what was coming. VAR checked the free-kick for a handball by Woods, the Newcastle striker who was on the end of the wall but the goal stood. Now… wasn’t there some law about opposition players being a distance from the wall?

Again Hugo was partly at fault for the goal, coming inside for a ball that beat him on the out, with a soft hand.

The equaliser came shortly after and from an surprising source. It originated from the best of Spurs. One touch, going forward. A ball out from Hugo, Doherty – playing at left wingback, due to both Sessegnon and Reguilon being unavailable – played it immediately forward on the volley to Son, who just ran forward with the ball, eventually leading to a corner. Son’s corner found its way back to him, after some fighting work by Dier, his second ball in was perfect and all Davies had to do was get his head on it, though the Welshman did angle his header well.

The lead came just after the break, from another surprising source. Surprising scorer but the assister not so. A glorious cross from Kane on the right, it was meant for Son in the middle of the area but he missed it for it to go all the way across for Doherty to stoop and nod it home. Sky were desperate for Son to have gt a touch and therefore play Doherty offside but after VAR it stood.

The lead was extended just minutes later and again it was quick, one touch stuff. Yes there was a pass back in the build up from Kulusevski to Kane, but with that pass Kulu turned and was off up the park, he didn’t just stand there – Winks like – to receive Kane’s glorious ball up the wing. One touch to knock it forward from the Swede, then a first time cross – with his right foot!! – to Son in the box. Son’s first touch killed the ball, his second put it in the net.

Simple football done well. Always a winner.

The fourth saw some good interplay, some actual one-twos, triangles, from Kulu to Doherty and his cross was bundled in by Emerson Royal.

Davies, Doherty and now Royal. There’s a hat-trick of scorers no one saw coming.

Son should have made it five, after yet another glorious ball from Kane. But it was left to Bergwijn to add that final goal. Two minutes after coming on for Royal, he latched onto the ball when Moura was fouled after charging forward. After his goals for the Netherlands he was probably more confident than he has been of late and slotted it home with ease. Saying that a little later he could have made it six.

Five goals and Kane didn’t get on the scoresheet – he was just the instigator, the creator. It could have been more. Should have been. While Howe’s mob had one shot on target, their goal. When they play like they did for the goals, as I keep saying, at pace, one/two touches, not fannying about, they can rip apart any team. While bar that free-kick, the defence stood solid, Romero looking a real player while Dier is a calming influence back there in a three.

So into the top four for the first time since the heady days of Nuno’s first three games. Though the Woolwich mob have games in hand, the LDN is coming up at some point. Could that be the clincher…

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