Spurs end as they


have just gone on before.

Spurs last Premier League game before the World Cup, followed the same pattern as so many games have in this season, thankfully including the late winner, to beat Leeds 4-3.

There’s a competition run by Sky, where you pick the score of six games, Spurs versus Leeds, I eventually went for 4-2 but I was originally going to pick 4-3. These two teams can’t defend but do have an attack each. That’s when Spurs try.

It was going to be a high scoring one, no matter what.

Would Spurs turn up early for this final home game before six weeks off, or would they go about it the way that’s seen them go not only behind but two goals behind for the last 5 domestic games?

Looking at the starting lineup of Spurs, it was no surprise that Leeds would attack their right. And low and behold, just 10 minutes in and Spurs were behind, as Summerville found himself with the ball in between Emerson and Dier to shoot past Hugo.

Well, it’s Emerson you know what you’re getting but ever since they talked Dier back into the England squad he’s been a bit of a horror show. Like he’s saving himself for the World Cup. More to come later.

Spurs thankfully had started Kulusevski and he was their one bright hope, unfortunately his first dance through the Leeds defence ended with a ball to Emerson. And as most attacks that end with Emerson, they end.

The second good Spurs chance ended with Emerson as well. It ended with the ball flying high towards the stands. High number row of the stand. Honestly, Emerson will be the first player to kick the ball out of this stadium. I never imagined there could be worse than Sissoko, but there is.

They could though have gone their usual two behind, as Summerville again was through between Dier and Emerson, this time a poor first touch stopped him doubling that lead. A lead which was wiped out 25 minutes in. Another Spurs’ goal from a set piece. This time a corner and under pressure the keeper punches the ball out but only to Kane who takes the ball down and puts it away with such ease. Everyone is looking at the VAR as Leeds protest. It looked like a foul, in the modern age but they’re always moaning about refs being soft with keepers. One of those where you’re happy when it goes for you but would be livid when it doesn’t.

It wasn’t long until Leeds were ahead again. Another corner, it’s cleared by Spurs but headed back into their box, while Dier is playing everyone onside, he’s also hanging onto a Leeds player while everyone is just letting Rodrigo go and volley the ball past Hugo.

Going in at the break having conceded two again.

The next equaliser came five minutes into the second half. Kulusevski again, dancing through the defence, to the byline and a cut back. Kane’s shot is blocked but it falls to Davies who rifles it back, to bounce off a Leeds defender and the keeper and go in. Leeds Spurs’d that one a bit.

It took another 25 minutes before Leeds retook the lead. Before then there was what was at the time the biggest cheer of the day as shortly after that equaliser, Conte made some changes and as Emerson trudged off the crowd went wild. Of course in gifting us the departure of Emerson, Conte had to take with the other hand as he for some unknown reason introduced Sanchez.

It was no coincidence that Rodrigo’s second, Leeds third, came with him running past the clueless Colombian. Though it started with Bentancur being fouled, though after he’d given the ball away. I supposed if you take the Spurs opener you have to take this.

Emerson’s departure had made way for Doherty, who swung a glorious cross into the Leeds box, just after the 80th minute. It was headed clear to Bentancur, who with a smack of the ball and the help of a deflection levelled the scoring, again.

Two minutes later the Uruguayan was at it again, nice ball from Kane to Kulusevski, again to the byline and cut back to Bentancur to side-foot it in for the winner. Cue delirium.

So Spurs end this block fourth. Third top scorers in the league, with the second highest total they’ve had at this stage of a campaign. And yet they haven’t got out of second gear.

And this game fully illustrates why some fans are pissed off. Knowing Leeds have a good attack and knowing they’re not too crash hot in defence, why did Spurs sit off and let Leeds dominate for large spells. When Spurs attacked they were all over the visitors, when they sat back it was the exact opposite and Leeds scored, withe ease.

Why can’t Conte send them out to play on the front foot and will he after this extended break…

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