Maybe it’s just Conte being on the touchline

Skipp STUNNER in fiery derby win! | Tottenham 2-0 Chelsea | Premier League Highlights

that hinders Spurs.

Cristian Stellini kept up his 100% win record, as Spurs beat Chelsea in the Premier League for the first time since 2018, the first time in the “new” stadium.

Since Conte had his gallbladder surgery, he’s been in there in person for two games, two bad defeats. The thumping by Leicester and dull loss to Milan. Conte’s number two, Stellini, has overseen three games, all three have ended in a victory, with Spurs not conceding a goal.

Chelsea followed Man City and Wet Spam in leaving the Spurs Stadium on the end of a defeat, without scoring. While spurs again played with a bit more life than they seem to do while Conte prowls the technical area. Yes, Conte is in charge, his number two is a loyal servant and it all goes through the actual manager. But something seems to change when he’s not there in person.

I mean the plan is almost the same, this game and the first one saw Spurs have less of the ball, trying to play on the counter. But there doesn’t seem to be that same nervousness in defence and hesitancy in attack.

It does help when you’re opponents are toothless. Half a billion spent and they haven’t bought a striker, worth a damn. Good business. Though, Brighton under Potter didn’t have a striker and they didn’t score, whereas Brighton after Potter left don’t really have a striker and are the joint fifth highest scorers in the league since Potter left.

They’re lacking up front was highlighted early when Sterling – what a signing, still laughing over that, nearly 10% of that half a billion, people still think he’s a striker – decided throwing himself to the floor was the only option, diving little tart. Thankfully the officials saw through it and didn’t give the penalty, which with what usually happens in these type of games and what followed in this game came as a great surprise. Though of course he didn’t give Sterling the yellow card his dive merited.

Spurs did play some nice stuff in that first half, Son again was benched for Richarlison. The Brazilian playing more as the centre forward, with Kane dropping deep and playing the play maker. It all linked up well for a Hojbjerg shot that cannoned off the post, about half an hour in. But Richarlison never really looked like scoring.

They had been doing their struggles with gravity act, general play acting but it really hadn’t kicked off, though Richy did look up for it and it was no surprise he was there when it started, right at the end of the first half.

It’s classic Spurs, an opposition player is shown two yellow cards and a straight red card, and is still on the pitch come the start of the second half. Ziyech fouled Richy and then stood over him, which Richy wasn’t going to take, bit of bumping as he got up started the melee which Emerson Royal joined in from a distance, barging into the back of Ziyech, which the Moroccan responded to with a push which hit Royal’s face. The Brazilian fullback went down like a tart, but it was a hand to the face.

The ref brandishing his yellow card, showed it to Ziyech, then searched for Royal and showed it to him. He then showed Ziyech a straight red card, before getting a word in his ear to have another look. After a visit to the VAR video screen, he rescinded that straight red and flashed the yellow, again. The all missed Silva’s elbow on Romero very early in the game, which is also a red.

Again, as I’ve said numerous times. It’s not VAR that’s the problem, it’s the weak, useless, officials that work it, as we’re at the lowest point of refereeing and officialdom in the game, in this country. The second half saw those in charge making it up as they went along, to excuse yet another farce.

Of course you’re mind was taken from that shambles just 20 seconds into the second half, from some nice build up play, Kulusevski lays it off to Emerson who has a weak shot which the keeper should have done better with, fumbling it a defender launches the ball out of the area, where Skipp fights to win the ball before putting his foot through it, smacking it into the net. Kepa got a finger to it, no chance to stop it though, more chance of breaking that finger.

Not bad for your first goal for the club. Right moment, right game.

After that again Chelsea had the ball and didn’t do anything with it. Their changes made no difference, Spurs finally made a change in the 80th minute, when Son came on for Kulusevski, who had a better game than he has of late, still not the pre-injury Kulu though. It wasn’t long after that change, when Son put a corner across, for Dier to climb all over the ineffectual Mount, nod it to the back post, where yet again Chelsea had left Harry Kane all alone, for his 20th goal of the season, in all competitions.

And the stat came up that only two players have score 20 plus goals in all competitions in the last nine straight seasons, Kane and Lewandowski. Not bad for a one season wonder.

Spurs saw out the rest of the game, as even when Chelsea brought on an actual striker, he didn’t touch the ball in the 12 minutes he was on the pitch. So toothless there was no chance of Dr. Tottenham bringing the Spursy.

As Newcastle continued their slow decline, losing the chance at a trophy – got a worse record than Spurs, nearly 70 years since they won an actual real trophy – they sit fourth, just four points behind the great Man United team – or so we’re told – and only 10 points behind the greatest manager we’ve ever seen – or so we’re told – after being utter rubbish for most of the season. Now if we just keep Conte away from the team, then maybe Spurs have a good chance at a decent finish to the season…

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