Forget the rant, Daniel

‘I don’t want to see what I have seen today’ | Conte’s EXPLOSIVE rant

the result should see Conte’s sacking.

Capitulating to relegation fodder Southampton, when leading 3-1 with 15 minutes to go, should have made Levy’s decision before Conte went off on his rant.

All of what Conte said in his post match presser rant was spot on, about the club, the owners, those in charge and the players. But of course he was quick to distance himself from any criticism, of which he has his fair share.

He said that he saw flight last season, a fight to get top four, that he doesn’t see this season. Well, whose fault is that? One person has shown no commitment to the club, a lack of commitment that trickles down. Last season the players wanted to impress the new manager, thought it was a new start with a winner. This season they’ve seen that manager basically say that he’s only hanging around until he’s sacked or the end of the season.

Ah but he wasn’t backed by Levy. No he wasn’t, what manager is? But if he’d signed on, shown a commitment then maybe, just maybe Levy would as well. I know long shot, pie in the sky. But I do know the moment Conte dithered, Levy pulled the plug.

But he didn’t get his players, he got Levy’s players. Yes, which is what he got when he came to the club. Did better then. Why not now? Maybe if he actually tried some of those players, instead of being childish and freezing them out.

It’s no coincidence that the players looked more alive when Conte wasn’t at the club. He says the history of the club under Levy is of not winning. Yes, true. Doesn’t excuse throwing away the cup against a lower league team who are now in the semi. Of the CL games against a mediocre Milan.

He says people are looking for excuses for the players, while making excuses for himself. Why can’t the team put in two halves? What did he do to them at half-time against Southampton?

The first half was a borefest. With the gleaming sunshine and the pace of the game and lack of crowd noise, it felt like a pre-season friendly. But the home team had more attempts, though Spurs looked more like scoring. Richy went off early with an injury that left him in tears and looked to have happened in the pre-match warm up. Davies went off half way into the half, a little time after his barge had meant Southampton had to make their second sub of the first half.

The half ended late after all those injuries and subs, with probably Son’t best pass of the season so far. Through to Porro who was all on his lonesome to smash in the opener, his opener, off the crossbar.

So you should be going in at the break on a high. A high that lasted seconds into the second half as the hosts equalised. More slack defending from Perisic – one of Conte’s choices wasn’t he? – and some from Lenget and a player who doesn’t score that many is free to get his fifth of the season.

It took Spurs 20 minutes to get the lead back, Kulusevski who probably had his best game since his injury putting the perfect cross onto Harry’s head.

It was the Swede that created what looked like the clincher at the time. His cross in was headed out and Persici’s bounced in his first for the club. Have to say he’s been a disappointment. Was expecting more but then he’s come on a free at the fag end of his career.

From there it should have been an easy win. Southampton a team that has score more than once just a couple of times in the league since August, now needed to score another two to make three in total. Their second came via a recent usual source. Forster seems to have a habit of making a really good save then following up with some static glowing in the aftermath. As the ball was headed back from a cross, he just stood there on the line and then did that Frankenstein monster lumber for a pace before the ball flew past him. Walnutt, it was his first league goal for two years. He has scored just 14 in the last 7 seasons.

Dr. Tottenham was making house calls. And the patient was off their death bed. It looked like only one winner, even if it was just an equaliser it felt like a winner. VAR had played its part earlier denying a handball, that was a handball and when the same players threw himself to the ground, blown over by the waft of fresh air from Sarr’s swinging leg – something he leaned at his previous club, well known for teaching cheats – it said penalty this time. It was never a foul, never mind a spot kick. But after missing his last couple Ward-Prowse blasted his past Forster.

And Conte blamed everyone. But then with Spurs leading 3-1 who was it that went defensive? Who was it that took off the attacking Kulusevski for the more defensive Sarr? Who was it that took off the attacking Porro for the more defensive Emerson? Who was it that got his team to sit deep and try and soak it up, knowing it’s not really their thing.

A 3-1 victory to follow last weeks win, would have seen Conte cruise through probably to the end of the season. That result and performance should see Levy call it a day, what with the international break now on us. Conte’s rant basically implored Levy to do it.

Yes, pretty much everything Conte said was right but he isn’t the answer and should leave with everyone else…

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