A fitting home end for Spurs

Tottenham vs Brentford (1-3) | A sting in Spurs’ hopes for Europe | Premier League Highlights

and the onlooking Levy.

Spurs’ final home match of the season was a microcosm of the season as they put in one half, then disappeared as the opposition made their defence look the clueless shambles they are.

I mean, it has to be said when you saw Ryan Mason’s team sheet and the back four contained Emerson, Sanchez and Davies, you would probably have taken a 3-1 defeat before kick off, even with Brentford missing their talisman striker, Toney.

It’s funny when 8 minutes into the game, Kane scored his 28th league goal of the season, many were asking “where would Spurs be without Kane this season?”. Most saying they would be down amongst the relegation fodder. While on the other side Toney, starting his 8 month ban, was missing for the second straight game, Two games in which Brentford had scored five goals and won both games.

Brentford have played four league games this season without their 20 goal striker, they won three, drew one. Scored 10 goals. Kane has played all bar about 15 minutes in Spurs’ league campaign, scored 28 goals over a league record 25 games.

Brentford scored, won most of them, while even with Kane in the side they can only get him more than 2 goals in a game on three occasions. Wasting the best striker in the league. Don’t give me Haaland, he wouldn’t have 28 goals in this Spurs team, Kane would have more than 36 in that City team. Even if both of them suffer from not actually being fed the ball. Spurs because Son and Kulusevski kept losing it this year, while at City Grealish and Mahrez are more interested in personal glory.

Anyway, that goal. Couldn’t tell you how many direct free kicks Kane has been unsuccessful with since his successful one, which was way back in 2014. When he lined up to take this one, I can’t have been the only one saying no… no… no… no… like Cleveland Brown in his bath, sliding out of a hole in the wall.

This time though Kulusevski rolled the ball back as he ran over it, giving that bit more space Kane’s shot was unsaveable even if Raya hand’t probably been a bit blinded.

It was a first half that could have, should have seen Spurs comfortably ahead. They had the chances. They spurned the chances. While at the same time getting away with it at the back. People praising Emerson, obviously as blinded as Raya, to the fact Brentford were targeting that side and on numerous occasions just ran past the Brazilian and his sidekick Sanchez.

With a 4-2-3-1 formation, the midfield looked better, not as outmanned, Bissouma looking like the player Spurs thought they were getting, in his preferred position and formation. Kulusevski looking better as a number 10.

It all changed after the break. Yet again it was a one half display. Frank made a change and it changed the team. Within five minutes they were level, within 20 they were ahead and there was only really one team in it. One was full of confidence, one was shot and wishing for the season to end, with still a week to go.

Again more shocking defending, giving the opponent space, letting them come on their preferred foot, totally outnumbering them in the and around the box, yet still letting them get shots in.

A thrown, it all starts with a throw in and a Brentford player in acres of space, one ball towards the panicking Sanchez, Lenglet knowing he has to cover for Sanchez’s ineptitude gets dragged in, then Davies is left one on one with a player who wants to cut inside and have a shot, which Davies lets him do. Forster goes down in instalments. Twelve minutes later and a simple ball through the channel and Davies is yet again floundering. On his left again the Brentford player slides the ball in.

A bit later the Brentford keeper, Raya, made two very good saves, at teh same time I think Forster was still going down for Brentford’s second. Brentford had by this time score their third. Skip losing the ball while trying to dribble across the face of the box. Another defensive omnishambles later and it’s an easy third.

And that was it for Brentford. Their goals were just so damn easy. But haven’t everyone’s against Spurs this season. They just made things to damn easy for ’em. People saying Conte and Stellini would be laughing at this… like they were any different.

At least at the final whistle mankind found the quickest thing on earth… the speed with which the music blasted out at full volume, almost before the ref removed the whistle from his lips broke all sorts of speed records. Could not drown out the boos quick enough, as Daniel Levy sat there being consoled by his wife…

And the pundits talked about this being the last we see of Harry Kane in a Spurs shirt at Spurs… like they’ve done at the end of every last home game of the season for how many years now… one last game though… can Dr Tottenham keep Leeds up next week…

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