Daniel Levy’s done a Popozogolou

on us.

Levy’s latest foray into the managerial market has seen him again rebuffed by those that you and probably he wanted and and him baulk at paying money for the most important man in the set up.

Ange Postecoglou has the look of the cheap option that would be right up Levy’s street while also the only option that actually acted like he wanted the job and would be willing to put up with Levy running the shitshow.

There’s a lot of talk about the style of Postecoglouball, after the dour feast we’ve been fed over the last few years. Yeah, that’s all well and good but does anyone think doing what you did in a one horse race has any relevance on what you do in the Premier League?

Mate you’re analysing a team playing Kilmarnock and extrapolating this to playing Man City.

But he won trophies. Yes, so did a number of the other “candidates” and most of them in leagues that actually count for something. When they talk of the five trophies in Jockland, well Brendan Rodgers won 7 – yes a season longer – and nobody in their right mind wanted “we won the passing” Brenda, and he has Prem experience and a trophy.

Hell Steven Gerrard won one up there, his win percentage though 10% lower than Postecoglou but when that translated down south to Villa being relegation fodder, with a win percentage of a little over 30%, with a group of players his successor took to seventh in the league, one point and one place above Spurs.

There is talk of course about a big clear out. Talk we’ve heard year on year, yet the likes of Sanchez, Davies are still here, while the likes of Winks will be returning. Levy will be asking far too much for players that other clubs know he wants to bin off.

Will this keep Harry happy? That’s the main point. I read one article claiming Postecoglou wanted rid, take the money and run. Yeah, you want to sell off the fella that got 30 goals during a shambles of a season. That’s logic for you. Of course more than likely paper talk… or bullshit as it’s commonly known.

Anyway, who knows? Is it just a managerial appointment that suits Levy. One where Levy can buy who he wants, not what the manager wants. Well, he’s not the manager, he’s the head coach, so yes he doesn’t manage he just coaches, much like a certain individual said about the club before his sacking. The one that Levy didn’t bother with when available and so chose to go to Chelsea and is now…

But for all the talk of Levy being cheap, there is nothing cheaper than a cheap manager. The person who is most responsible for the style of play and for adjusting during the games and the season. Yet, you’re not willing to spend a little extra for a top quality appointment. I mean in the grand scale of things what is £10 to £20 million in this world of football. It’s nothing.

We’ll see. We’ll see how it all pans out. A four year contract is it going to be an six month appointment? Will Levy be forking out compo for another sacking shortly and this rigmarole being repeated yet again. Or will there be success…

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