Luka Modric will have to wait for that international trophy

Croatia v Spain (0-0) | Spain Win Dramatic Penalty Shootout | Match Highlights | UEFA Nations League

he’ll have to console himself with all those other ones.

Spain beat Croatia in the Nations League final, on penalties, after a goalless that told that last few cup finals over the last couple of weeks to “hold my beer” with another borefest.

Not long into the final in Rotterdam I said… “this’ll be one nil or penalties”.

Fourth final I’ve watched in the last few weeks, Europa Conference, FA Cup, Champions League and now the Nations League, all four tedious with teams more likely to pass the ball back than take a shot.

Spain being Spain they managed to get the Croat keeper to make one save from the two shots they managed on target. While the Croats didn’t actually looked any more like scoring even though the Spanish keeper had more to do.

Of course Andros Townsend was telling us how great it was. It wasn’t. It was dull.

Now if any of them could have taken a shot in regulation play the way most of them took their penalties, things could have been so much better. Some cracking pens in there.

But it didn’t make up for a a boring 120 minutes of pitty-patty football that for the most part resembled that clip from The Simpsons…

So Modric will have to console himself with those 23 trophies at Real to go with his 6 at Dinamo Zagreb… and none at Spurs…

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