It was all looking very Spursy until

EXTENDED PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Sheffield United | Spurs down Blades

it went completely unSpursy.

Spurs managed grab victory from the jaws of defeat, in what was looking like being a classic bit of Spursy against relegation fodder Sheffield united who only had themselves to blame for the added time.

It had nearly all the classic ingredients for a classic Spursy performance, that we’ve seen so many times previously. The only thing missing was the early kick-off, which is the norm for the first post international game back.

But the rest was there, that break interrupting a good set of results, results that saw the club pick up both the Manager and Player of the Month awards – the latter going to James Maddison, the former, well I’ll give you three guesses. It was against a promoted team, one that looks like real relegation fodder – I’m pretty sure one of the newly promoted three, Burnley, Luton and Sheffield United , will break the record for the lowest points total in a PL season, though Everton could pip them – with just one point to their name.

Throughout the game it also had all the same hallmarks, as Spurs bossed things against a flat back 10, who were time wasting from the first minute, while their keeper was having one of those career highlight reel days, that Spurs always manage to get out of ’em. A.K.A. doing a Tim Krul.

The officials weren’t helping being they’re useless selves. don’t know how they only managed to come up with three added minutes at the end of the first half.

Sheffield had the odd chance, but Vicario was up to all but one of them, making some fine saves.

Just over half an hour in and Spurs should have had the best chance to open the scoring, when Maddison was wrapped across the back of his ankles just inside the corner of the area. The ref did nothing, while VAR glossed over a blatant foul very, very quickly. Protecting their mate who would have then had to show the SU player a second yellow, very shortly after receiving his first.

United’s manager, Heckingbottom, then went on a continued moan after the game about the refs “killing the game”, while not mentioning this at all, or his team’s constant time wasting and fouling. Or the gifts he gave SU.

Bizarrely while MotD mentioned this rant, they didn’t even show the Maddison penalty shout, nor even mention it during their dull analysis. They owe me for that time back, I only watched to see what they said about the inept officiating and VAR over that.

It all had the hallmarks of a smash and grab Spursy result. And so it came with a little under twenty minutes to go. One of their rare breaks up the pitch saw a SU long throw – I know it’s a bit Pulis, but it’s a good weapon that Spurs don’t use – it goes over the box and falls to a player in yellow at the back stick who knocks it in off the far post. Yet again a goal is scored from Spurs’ right.

Well, if they weren’t flat back tenning it before, they are now, and the time wasting is getting even moire ridiculous. It just looked like one of those games.

People were screaming for replacements. Now looking at the bench, the only name that screamed out to be brought on was the new boy Brennan Johnson. He did make his way on shortly, replacing Son, in a trio of changes that saw Perisic and Richarlison for Sarr and Solomon.

Not long until Johnson had the ball in the back of the net, lovely take down and finish but even though he was looking along the line and curling his run he was still offside. Richarlison then came close with a header over the bar, from a good chance he should have done better with and you’re thinking he’s never gonna score.

The fourth official put the board up and there was 12 minutes added time, probably still far less than the visitors wasted.

Camped out in the SU area the ball is headed out for a corner. Perisic’s whipped in ball is met by Richarlison, after making a great run, for the equaliser. His first of the season, his first at the Spurs Stadium. Can it kick him on? As I’ve said before, we’ve been here before. He did though back it up in this game, two minutes later in the 10th minute of added time. As he played the perfect square ball for Kulusevski. Moments earlier I’d been screaming for the Swede to kick the ball with his right foot, when he had a great chance but chose to go on his favoured left – as he has done far too often this season – and have his ball blocked – as he has done so often this season – but this time he had no choice and had to use his right to score the winner.

Cue pandemonium.

It was the least Spursy ending to a game imaginable, as SU didn’t get one back but instead had a player get his second yellow. Cue more crying from ‘Bottom.

Well that’s the run of games against relegation fodder – Man U, Bournemouth, Burnley, Sheffield United – over now see what Angeball can do against those higher up the table. NDL next up…

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