I didn’t think even ITV could manage it… but they did

and made their NFL show even worse.

It’s almost unimaginable that ITV could turn their crap weekly NFL show into an even bigger pile of festering shit but ITV but it is the one thing they are proficient in.

Imagine taking something from the BBC and making it worse, then making that even worse.

The two NFL shows the BBC put out had got things about right, yes they always try and fit in the passing viewer – but how many were surfing the channels at that time of night and would happen upon it and become a fan? I know, most die hards will have a Sky subscription but some don’t – but there was analysis of games and plays, there was highlights decent enough highlights considering the length of the programmes. There was interviews with people in the game.

Yes there was jokey stuff, daft stuff but it didn’t consume the whole programme. Chapman, Umenyiora and Bell worked well together.

Then it switched to ITV, Chapman being a BBC man was replaced by the box ticking Laura Wood. A face, a voice, a laugh that so wooden as to be unbelievable. That laugh, you know the type, one where you know they didn’t get the joke. Oh the simps love her on teh Twitter but dear god she’s so bland.

It became very ITV. It may have started at the BBC when Bell went on that moronic dancing show but it escalated at ITV. The vacuousness. Oh dear, they’ve found catchphrases. The highlights were shortened but there was still some and still some analysis of games, a few Xs and Os on a screen.

But then this season it’s even worse. How could it be? Wood departed, you’d think that would be a Brucie Bonus. But no. Replaced by one of those lot that can’t say the word “film” without adding a u. And ITV decided that nobody watches the show for any NFL games, or NFL analysis or NFL insight.

No, ITV decided people tune in to the NFL show to see three grown, going by their history heterosexual men, act like Larry Grayson. Camping it up with dire bits about fashion. Camping it up with Kenneth Williams catchphrases. Camping it up while showing very few highlights. Camping it up while doing absolutely no analysis of anything.

You’re getting to the first add break and you’ve just wasted 15 minutes of your life with nothing but trivial nonsense for the TikTok generation with gawd awful music – the ad breaks don’t tend to last that long, so you wonder how long the show will last if they can’t sell slots – you get a bit of the Thursday night game near the end. And in the middle you get a load of nothing but the three of them sitting around acting like idiots.

NFL analysis no… playing dress up… yes… that’s the NFL Show on ITV for you…

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