Spurs… stop fannying about

Spurs Stay Fifth After Zouma Equaliser ️ | West Ham 1-1 Tottenham | Premier League Highlights

and have a shot.

Another game in which Spurs had all of the ball, another game in which Spurs didn’t have more of the shots, another game that Spurs should have won, another game in which they didn’t, as they drew with West Ham.

Spurs started perfectly, in a surprise to me and no doubt many, Ange got his teamsheet right, Johnson was not only in the starting XI but he was in his correct position, on the right and not on the left to accommodate Ange’s favourite ginger Swede, who was thankfully on the bench.

It was also great to see Micky van de Ven back in the team. Unexpected good news.

And that perfect start translated to the pitch five minutes in when Werner made to the byline before putting in a cross finished off by that other winger. Johnson.

Again we’re told this is drilled into the team, crosses from one winger to the other. Yet we then saw a number of crosses put in by Johnson that Werner didn’t bother to get on the end of, more times than not he was hiding behind a defender instead of getting in there and showing the desire to be first to the ball.

Johnson now had five goal contributions – 2 goals, 3 assists – in his last five games, Kulusevski has one more in his last 19 games. Johnson 14 in total, Kulusevski 9. In minutes on the pitch Kulusevski has played 7 more whole games than Johnson.

Numerous chances were created in that first half, yet Spurs went in at the break level, having had 70% of possession, with the home side having more shots in total and the shots on target being level at 2 apiece. If Ange has it drilled into them why don’t they look like they’ve never seen this type of play before?

It always looks like they’ve never defended a corner before. And so nearly 15 minutes after they took the lead it came as no surprise they conceded the equaliser at a corner. Vicario again being impeded but the cat kicker was completely ignored in the box to scuff the ball in off his back.

Throughout Spurs again had Vicario to thank for his saves in the rest of the match.

Then Ange decided to make his head scratching subs. Of course we had to wait until over the hour before he decided that what he’s been watching for 65 minutes hadn’t been fully working. And his choice, well it was to remove a player on a card who was having a bit of a stinker at the time, Bentancur and Maddison. Maddison who was doing something, trying to create, being that creative midfield link.

People saying it was too crammed in the middle as Spurs weren’t staying high and wide like they were at the beginning. Well, you know what that’s not going to be a situation helped by the introduction of Kulusevski. It took him another 12 minutes to figure out that after that assist Werner hadn’t done anything for knocking on 80 minutes.

For all the second half Spurs were mainly not having attempts, while the home side had some comical misses. Antonio’s especially, the TV director really miss a trick not panning to Richarlison on the bench when the big dumb lump was missing sitters. Though maybe they wouldn’t have “standed”…

This was another one they should have won. for a lot of the game they played it right, staying high and wide, getting towards the byline and getting crosses in. Now just imagine they had say a Kane, with Son on the left. Just imagine…

No doubt with Johnson looking like he has an injury Ange will be back to starting Kulusevski for a dull first half. Or some of the passing he put in here. Like the Luton game he lined one pass up and then played it behind everyone, this one Sonny couldn’t chase down as it went into touch. Then an attempted cross with his left foot, his left, the one he always uses. Dear god it was hopeless.

Still it was a surprise not to lose, after West Ham moaned about the decisions at the weekend I expected them to get all the decisions here, which they did – some of their lardarses have trouble with gravity, yes I’m looking at you Bowen and Antonio – but the ref didn’t manage to win it for them. Maybe Ange has to man up and moan instead of taking it on his bowed chin as he looks at the floor. Then Spurs might get something, like Maddison’s ankles being protected…

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