It was all so predictable for Spurs

Harvey Elliott scores rocket in big Reds win | Liverpool 4-2 Tottenham | Premier League Highlights

before it started.

Spurs latest defeat – third in a row, fifth in the last eight – was totally predictable before it started as they went down to Liverpool after showing very little life until the end, looking like the season was done.

Well for a start it’s Liverpool away, what 2 wins there in the Premier League, the last one being in 2011, before that they’d only managed 4 wins since 1910 in the top flight. So that’s number 1. Liverpool have been patchy since Klippity said he was leaving, so here’s Doctor Tottenham to administer some soothing medication. And Villa lost.

As soon as I saw the Villa result that was that. Even before I saw Ange’s predictable team sheet, where yet again he’s shifting players from their preferred and best positions to accommodate Kulusevski who isn’t functioning in any position, Johnson on the left, Sonny up front. While again going with Emerson royal at left back. Emerson fucking Royal.

He had switched things from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. It made no difference. The midfield disappeared and the front three when they actually touched the ball played like they’d never been introduced to each other.

Keep being told that they have it drilled into them about one winger crossing the ball and the other winger getting on the end of it at the back post. Yet, unless Johnson is on the right and someone competent is on the left it hardly happens. Here Johnson on the left put in a cracking cross right across the face of the Liverpool goal but Kulusevski had come inside and deeper, completely clueless to where he should be and what he should be doing.

He’s apparently one of those Spurs will keep, yet his retrograde since his great start to his Spurs career is alarming. Always looking at the ball because he can never seem to get it out from his feet, as he takes far too many touches he doesn’t know who is around him, doesn’t know when to shoot, when to pass. Never knows to keep going forward, just cut inside and pass back.

So that’s how Spurs got to the end of the first half having more of the ball and making more passes they only managed one shot, which was not on target. Meanwhile, Liverpool had 14 attempts, eight of which were on target, including the two that led to their two goals. The only surprise was it wasn’t more as they spurned the type of chances Spurs usually do when on top.

On the plus side, neither of the two, nor indeed the two that followed in the second half came from set pieces, so there is that.

Ladies and gentlemen, Emerson Royal.

Who didn’t have trepidation in the heart at the thought of Royal versus Salah. It didn’t matter how off form the Egyptian had been of late, it’s Emerson fucking Royal. And sure enough the Brazilian clown just lets Salah go for him to score at the back post with a header. Got one job and that’s Salah, but no just wander away and leave him to himself.

The second came just before the break and again it came from a cross from one side to the other, this time from right to left, as Royal let the cross go over, no one was marking Robertson who played the ball in and then kept on running to get the rebound from Vicario’s save. The only one to react.

There was a reaction at the end of the half as Vicario had to separate Romero from Emerson Royal. Finally some life but why Guglielmo? Why? Let him go it might have sorted something out that Ange won’t.

I mean he saw that not working for the first 45 minutes and didn’t change anything. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And guess what he got the same outcome as five minutes into the second half Emerson Royal let another cross in where Romero was left marking two players, one of which headed in the third. The fourth followed nine minutes later when yet another cross arrived at the back post where Royal was off Salah who squares it for the Liverpool player to skip past a sort of challenge before banging in a screamer.

Ange finally did something. Oh look the hour is up… what are the chances?

Bentancur, Kulusevski and Royal made way for Maddison, Richarlison and Skipp. That latter having not been seen since the beginning of February. Things improved. Yes Liverpool being four up are gonna drop off but finally Spurs had a target in the box, someone doing the running and wingers on the correct wings.

It took 12 minutes but when Johnson was played a ball through the channel – how infrequently we see that – and put in the perfect first time cross – no Kulusevski fannying about – which Richarlison finish it off expertly. Five minutes later and Spurs had another. Finally people going forward and bodies in the box as Skipps ball into Richy is laid back for Son to take a touch and finish it off.

But as van Dijk yet again blamed everyone around him Spurs couldn’t capitalise but of course they weren’t helped by the officials and VAR. Doesn’t matter if he touched the ball or not a foot that high is dangerous play…

Don’t know why VAR even bothered, I mean they would never give it. Too scared of Klopp. And there’s a point while Ange passively approaches such decisions. The likes of Klopp and Guardiola fight for them and end up getting them while Spurs don’t. But then he was all happy clappy after the game…

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