Has Ange now lost the fans


as well as those games?

Spurs latest loss wasn’t greeted with so much anger as all the others, as a victory here would have more than likely handed the title to the Woolwich Wanderers, but Ange doesn’t understand, apparently he’s here to win.

If Ange truly was here to win – and not just here because he was a cheap option for Levy – then wouldn’t have been better to put out a team to beat Arsenal a couple of weeks back and then we wouldn’t have been in this position? You know back during Spurs worst losing run in the league for 20 years.

Maybe then they would still be in the running for winning the Top 4 Trophy.

Because Ange just binned off one trophy in the League Cup, then coughed up the first City win at the new stadium to get knocked out of the FA Cup, before this second win and first in the league. Be interesting to see how he handles European football if Spurs get it, just have to get a point against Sheffield United – and even Ange has managed to beat the newly promoted, newly relegated teams recently – will he be trying to win, or will it be a Harry Redknapp let’s get out of this as fast as possible job.

But Ange isn’t happy with the fans. Maybe he’s not happy because he ended up having to pick the backline that the fans have been calling for for weeks, not crowbarring Emerson Royal – a clown at right-back – into the left-back slot. Using an actual real defender, who can use his left foot and finally utilising a central defender you went out and got but seem reluctant to use.

Utilising under used players. While Kulusevski was left out against he City, he was eventually brought on as the false nine – yes Ange went with his idea for this game – well, so far this season the Swede has played as a false 7, a false 11, a false 10 so why not a false 9. But imagine you hadn’t sanctioned sending off an actual striker, leaving the club with just one number 9, who is injury prone. Much like sanctioning off the loan of a central defender, which left you with just your two starters, who then missed games at the same time. But hey, let’s crowbar Emerson in again.

The irony of it all is that Spurs played quite well and could have come away from the game quite easily having denied City the victory. Both goals were self inflicted, while they had chances themselves, which they spurned – or they just fell to Kulusevski for him to butcher.

Son’s was the biggest miss, which I’m sure led to a spate of racist tweets from the Woolwich knuckle draggers.

But Ange doesn’t get fan rivalry. Did he not get the Old Firm one? And they way he talked after the game, I don’t know if he’ll get to understand. It didn’t sound like a man who will be staying around much longer. He didn’t understand it when he said before the game that every Spurs fan wanted to win, he didn’t understand it when the reality dawned on him during and after the game.

Those first 10 games seem a long time ago but that’s why this league is different from the Jock one, or the Aussie, one or the Japanese one. There’s more teams able to compete with you and the managers are quicker to work you out. And after those 10 games Angeball was worked out. Just cram in the middle and they’ll stifle themselves and Ange won’t do anything to change it until the 75th minute.

Being a one half team helped get Conte the sack and people weren’t too happy when the Italian’s team didn’t register shots…

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